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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 60

Thoughts: Merry Christmas! Why we eat so much (and throw out so much) at Christmas, and why we never learn!

Challenges: Is Christmas more depressing for you or more happier? How do you feel? A friend mentioned to me "Christmas can be depressing for some people", I had never thought of Christmas like that! I thought it's a happy time of the year generally. I look at it as Christmas is "meant" to be happier but how do you really feel? And does it become socially acceptabable for human beings to act like crazy maniac chickens with their heads cut off zooming around the shopping centers buying last minute things? And do you eat more food? Why do we eat more food in one part of the year? It's weird!

According to Foodwise, Australians waste over $5 billion worth of food per year, which is over 3 million tonnes. But food waste peaks in the festive season when, according to 2008 figures, Australians spend $7.6 billion on food in December alone.

"To some degree, we need to come to terms with the reality that we simply buy too much stuff, including food, and we need to recognise that it is virtually impossible for us to consume all the food that we buy." Paul Harrison.

The eating less, comes after the buying less.

We are consuming machines! Hehe!

Triumphs: I wanted to eat bread and ham on xmas and all that stuff that I usually eat...and I didn't. The first christmas ever that I have not done it!Probably the first year that I wont be digesting my xmas food a week later! hehehe! The impact: I don't feel heavy and gross and tired and have no regrets of eating too much food! I used to eat sooo much at once and then regret it later and feel guilty that I ate so much. I feel free now that that's gone from my life.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Free range eggs fried in olive oil and some strawberries off Mum's strawberries plant. Chocolate balls.

Lunch: Prawns. Lots of them! Salad with lettuce and cucumber and advocado.

Dinner: A smoke of marijuana.

Dessert: No dessert.

Snacks: No snacks.

Exercise: Trampoline in the morning. Walked a bit around a mens prison. Carried 10 kilos on my back around the airport. We do do quite a lot of exercise if we really study and go back into our day. We do all sorts of cool crazy human being exercises througjtput the day!!! Lifting laughing bending walk scurbbing? Hehe what happens if you watch tv all day? You only work one muscle! The eye muscle!!!

305 Days To Go!!!

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