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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 57

Thoughts: An easy recipe to get rid of candida. If you have a candida overgrowth in your body (and you will know from thr symptoms I wrote about in yesterdays blog) you can get rid of it or reduce it dramatically by a few ways. A colonic, a candida cleanse (detox diet) and generaly watching what you eat and consume.

Colonic: What is a colonic? Colonic irrigation is a water enema given to flush out the colon. This will flush out the candida that is growing and leaching into your bowels.

Candida Clense: Eat foods that contain no candida or create it. A list of candida free foods will be posted in tomorrows blog. Be careful with what you eat. Since glucose promotes yeast production, control your consumption of any food that contains much sugar. Also, try to limit food that contains yeast like bread as well as wine. Consuming these might promote the growth of candida.

Watch what you eat and consume: Avoid the use of chemicals that may exacerbate yeast infection. There are chemicals found in dyes, inks, or perfumes that are found in tampons, underwear, hygienic sprays, and any other materials that are in contact with your crotch that can cause yeast infections. If your genitals become irritated after the use of these things, try to isolate the cause right away and as much as possible, use environmentally-derives, nature-friendly alternatives.

Challenges: Putting the bait on the fishing rod. Ewww! Heheee

Triumphs: 2nd time in the movies with no snacks! Wooo usually I would buy a choc top and lollies. Since cleansing the candida out of my system I crave sweets less! I watched Avatar by the way! Best movie ever! And I caught a fish for my dinner!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: 2 nectarines and green tea (leafs) with Ginger and lemon . 2 chocolate balls.

Lunch: Apple and advocado. A beetroot, carrot, celery, Ginger, pineapple juice. Goji berries. Darejeeling tea. mmm my favourite... rich and creamy and sexy! What a sexy tea it is!

Dinner: Snapper mmm mmmm from Bunbury (Western Australia) salad with green lettuce spinach and lemon and olive oil dressing. Potatoe with garlic and olive oil. AND the fish I caught today! We had it raw in a juice with lemon, garlic, and chilli! So fresh...right off da boat ;)

Dessert: chocolate balls

Snacks: walnuts

Recipe: Raw fish...sushi if you like...
1. Catch a fres fish
2. Fillet the fish
3. Soak the chopped fillet in fresh lemon juice and/or lime juice.
4. Chop chilli and garlic and add it to juice.
5. Add real apple juice if you like it sweet!
6. Eat fresh and raw!

Cost: Free since we caught it in the ocean!

Exercise: Bike riding, fishing. It's quite a physical sport! Caught one fish! Cartwheels. Love cartwheels as an exercise.

308 Days To Go!!!

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