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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 48


Thoughts: South Indians eat a lot of rice. North Indians eat a lot of wheat. Shabanna the beautiful Indian women I have met is from the North and she said she has eaten Chapati's (wheat and water made into a pancake) every single day of her life (since she started eating). She has not missed a day of wheat! And she is thin. The wheat in India is less processed and is whole and brown, compared to our westernised flour which has been processed and a bright white. Westerner's have wheat intolerance, irritable bowel sindrom, celiacs disease, all of which is said to be caused by wheat. Shabanna has not heard of these problems! I ate at the best ever Indian restaurant tonight called Sona (write it down if you are going to Dehli!It's in the Nehru place, the business district and it has the largest grey market for technology and software in the world!) The coolest Indian people you will ever meet shouted me authentic Indian food. It is easier than I thought to eat inside the Earth Diet in India. They eat mostly everything born from the earth, spices, rices, wheat, vegetables, herbs. The sauces are all made from spices, herbs and vegetables instead of our a can or bottle. It doesn't make sense to them to eat from cans or bottles or packages since there is so much agriculture and foods in India. I learnt today that 80% of Indians are farmers.

Challenges: Self feeling fantastic, body feeling a bit sluggish. I have been eating rices and spices everyday. My body is adjusting.

Triumphs: I had a good sweat out here at the dance fest from this morning! Great health to me is : great food and great sweat! Also today I was present to how not present I am at times. Drinking tea: If I don't feel the cup on my lips and the warmness of the tea on my lips and then in my mouth, taste the tea and feel the swallow, and then the warmness of the tea down my throat...than I am not present. Nothing is wrong with this. And today when I was present and drinking the tea, it was the best ever and I really actually enjoyed the experience!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Apple and orange.

Lunch: Dahl which is chickpeas, corriander, garlic and green chilli with rice.

Dinner: At Sona's authentic Indian restaurant! Upma and rice pancakes with herbs and spices! And pure ground coconut.

Dessert: goji berries.

Snacks: goji berries. green tea.

Cost: We all ate sooo much at dinner and it cost 50 rupee each ($1.19). I ate rice pancakes, and Upma and these vegetables sauces. Lunch was 30 rupees which is 71 cents!

Recipe: Rice pancakes: They grind the rice and then stick it together using water.

Exercise: a huge dance fest with 103 Indians! bahli ho!!! Woooo love dancing in India! Full self expression is being alive!

308 days to go!!!

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