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Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day eating!

Spent today Labor Day in Florida USA Ft Lauderdale. Here is what I nourished my body with:

Had a big breakfast starting with organic eggs and spinach, with organic ketchup. 

Then had French toast! Organic bread dipped in organic egg. Topped with drizzle of maple syrup. 

I had some work to do on the computer, and had a quick work break snack of this plant based/vegan ice cream made with coconut milk. The brand is So Delicious. 

In the background on my computer you can see the Cure to Cancer Summit I am part of! It's a free online summit goes from Sept 3rd to 18th with expert speakers on curing cancer naturally. Subscribe to the Earth Diet website for details! Or email for the link to register! 

I got to Skype my family who live in Paris today! So excited to see them next year while on my book tour! 

For lunch I had this organic chicken sausage in a spinach wrap with organic ketchup. Great for sausage lovers. 

Had my favorite ice cream for afternoon snack right before my massage! They so massages in Wholefoods now! It's awesome! This ice cream is by the brand Rice Dream made with rice milk. Covered in chocolate and nuts.  

I also had this coconut milk chocolate and peanut butter ice cream by So Delicious. 

Ft Lauderdale beach today. I love Florida! 

Dinner was organic pizza (Amy's) with a huge plate of greens drizzled in lemon and olive oil. With kombucha! So good for pizza lovers. 

57 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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