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Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend eating

This weekend was the Hay House I Can Do It event NYC - Javits Center. I started the morning with this chocolate almond butter cup! Raw - plant based - earth diet! High in protein and antioxidants I was happy to start the weekend this way. 

Then I had an orange juice from Organic Avenue. And drank the grapefruit juice throughout the day. 

I love getting my hair done at NY Hair Co since they are organic and animal cruelty free! 

Also throughout the day I had some blueberries. Such a great lunch too! 

Was so happy to meet Congressman Tim Ryan author of Real Food Revolution and who wants to implement gardens in every USA school!!

Tara Styles. 

Dinner at Bareburger. Organic and free range - also vegan options. 

Sunday I started the day with another raw chocolate almond butter cup! Great on-the-go food. 

I would rather eat raw chocolate than the processed food in the food court. 

Sunday evening I enjoyed this rice milk ice cream from Westerly Market! 

Dinner was sushi in the city! I had avocado roll and green tea.

Monday started with a nice long sleep in! For lunch I had this coconut milk ice cream at the roof top pool in the sunshine. Season is so close to changing! 

Had some ginger tea! Fresh boiled ginger. 

Made this amazing 4 ingredient salad! Kale, avocado, lemon and balsamic vinegar. 

And cooked some chicken nuggets for a friend. This recipe is in the new book. And is gluten free coating made with almond meal and turmeric. 

37 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

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