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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day of traveling Florida to North Carolina

Was a long day of traveling from Florida to Charlotte in North Carolina.

Started the morning with a big breakfast of organic eggs and an organic chicken apple sausage on a spinach wrap. With organic ketchup. 

Had a bit of chia seed kombucha.

Was bit sad about leaving florida and the divine weather, so went to Wholefoods which always cheers me up! Had a rice milk ice cream and organic candy. Huge upgrade from my previous habits of eating so much junk food.

This organic candy is upgrade from corn syrup candy. A piece of fruit would be major upgrade from this. 

2 days left to enter the huge Earth Diet transformation giveaway! Even Wholefoods wants a bite ;) 

Didn't eat anything at the airports. No real healthy options. So had a green tea. 

Found my driver in Charlotte holding "Miss Earth Australia" sign! Love it. 

At Wholefoods for dinner! This avocado and nectarine. So fulfilling. 

After that I had a green tea and some sweet potato chips.

I also played with my pit bull friend Karma. 

Now in stretching my legs as I write this blog to make sure I do my hour of body work. I am working with Dr C this week. It's going to be great. Cancer Summit is happening. Providing people with recipes to nourish their body and assist the healing. 

I am due for a juice or Phresh greens so tomorrow will make that happen. 

56 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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