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Friday, September 5, 2014

Gluten free muffins

For breakfast I had half an avocado. And plenty of spring water.

Lunch was so great! Went to Charlotte City Club where famous chef Charles makes a farm to table menu! 

It was great to meet him and acknowledge him for his work. 

I enjoyed the most delicious plate! Sweet potato fries with risotto and salmon! Topped with fresh local greens. 

Also drank plenty of green tea. We chatted with a realtor as we scout locations for the Earth Cafe! 

Had a quick radio appearance! 53 days to book launch! 

Later made some chocolate peanut butter cups! Recipe from the new book! 

Then made muffins! But get this... These are gluten free! You know when I first discover a new recipe that is epic I will eat A LOT of it because its just so amazing! This is the chocolate peanut butter cup. I am so happy to say you cannot tell these are gluten free. This is a big deal. You guys will love them!!! 

And I are 2 blueberry muffins! Also gluten free! My philosophy is that if you can make them gluten free and still taste good - they may as well be gluten free as they are easier for the digestive system! 

If you eat junk food, just make your next meal a juice or lemon water! Keep moving forward to the healthy path. 

Love Liana 

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