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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On-the-go NYC eating today!

NYC today and the sun was shining all day long! Had some meetings! Book launch in 42 days. 

This quote was my inspiration for the day - to have fun along the way. 

And this one - I am so so passionate about health as you know! 

I did 30 minutes of stretching and breathing. I skipped breakfast I was not hungry.

Lunch I was craving this epic superfood smoothie made with berries and cacao powder and maca! This is like 2 meals in a drink! 

This came today from Vitacost! Feeling so nourished. I will be teaching some online classes about how to save 30-50% off organic ingredients! It's the way to live a healthier lifestyle without the expense. 

Dinner was 3 of these Earth Diet raw chocolate almond butter cups! Protein and antioxidants for dinner. 
I enjoyed Central Park for the evening and absorbed the fresh air. 

Today my eating habits reflect on-the-go in NYC!

Feeling good and on a mission! 

Good night healthy ones! 

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