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Monday, September 8, 2014

Chocolate day!

I started the day with an organic nectarine. It was so divine. Then I was craving protein. So I fried one egg and two organic chicken sausages with organic ketchup. 

For morning snack I had another organic nectarine. I drank lots of water. 

I did an hour of body work. 

For lunch I had this ice cream at Wholefoods made of rice milk! Loaded with protein and iron. So amazing. Brand it rice dream. 

Later afternoon snack I had some of my favorite healthier junk foods! Coconut milk ice cream with peanut butter and this organic candy! 

Snacked on it at Barnes and Noble! Stay tuned for my Florida book signing and photo opp! 

I had some kombucha. And then I went in the sauna and steam room for an hour.

Then I did a bentonite clay mask and hair mask! It's still on me drawing out toxins as I type this - feels so good. My body was craving it. Also had 50 minute massage today! Feet, back and neck and  shoulders. I was so grateful to be able to nourish my body like that. 

Skipped dinner! I am sure I will wake up nice and hungry! 

50 days to book launch.

Love Liana 

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