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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eating in Charlotte

Spent today in Charlotte working with Dr Leonard Coldwell. The cancer summit is happening. 

Started the day with organic waffles yum! Will share the recipe on website soon! Made with organic flour, flax meal, coconut flour! 

Lunch was an avocado - I love eating Wholefoods! So fulfilling! 

Later had another lunch that was this salad with rocket, grated cabbage, avocado, tomatoes and avocado. So yum. With a avocado and lemon dressing - fresh! 

Afternoon snack was this organic nectarine. So amazing. 

Dinner was potatoes! With onion, peppers and parsley. So fulfilling and grounding. 

With organic free range chicken wings. I needed this protein and vitamin C after a full on day of work! 

And less than 19 hours to enter the Earth Diet Transformation Giveaway! Over 36,000 entries so far! I created this for YOU! 

Said I would have green drink today, will make it happen tomorrow, plus a lemon water - am craving some alkalization. 

55 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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