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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Starting the day with big breakfast

Started the day with a big breakfast! Protein and carbs! Organic free range eggs, avocado, a huge pile of fresh cilantro and French toast with some maple syrup. So good. With real salt and pepper. 

Lunch was this orange a great view of Florida beach. Also drank lots of water today - and everyday. 

Afternoon snack was this coconut milk ice cream - chocolate and peanut butter! On the beach. I spent 2 hours on the beach stretching, meditating and walking. That's my workout for the day. 

I love this gratitude reminder. To remember that earth provide us with whole ingredients every single day. 

For dinner I had another orange. Then I had a one hour coaching call with a new client - who has cancer and is determined to heal it. 

Then I just had this bentonite clay drink. 

Had another couple spoons of the ice cream! It feels like the big breakfast sustained me for the entire day. 

Today is 44 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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