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Monday, September 15, 2014

Last day eating in Florida

Today I started with a lime juice, lime in water to alkalize my body. 

Then I had a green tea for some morning antioxidants. 

Breakfast I had coconut milk ice cream - chocolate peanut butter swirl. Protein and iron. 

Lunch I had a huge potato salad. I cooked potatoes with tomatoes and basil, on lettuce with lime juice and cilantro. Big lunch. 

Then I went to the beach where I could do some call meetings - in Florida. This was my office, so divine and so grateful. I also did an hour of walking, stretching and breathing - my daily hour of intentional exercise. 

Florida makes me so tanned and bleaches my hair. I really love the sunshine here. 

Late afternoon I went to Wholefoods and had a 10 minute massage. Love how they have massages in their whole body section. And then I had some fast food haha pineapple yum so vibrant and so fresh! 

I happily went fruit crazy at Wholefoods. Fresh fruit was on my mind and that's all I could think about - the rest of my list was forgotten haha!!! Got some organic watermelon, pineapple, nectarines, grapes, bananas, raspberries and apples. 

The evening I had a meeting ;) 

Today we developed the Earth Diet directory on the website which will feature all the helpful resources of people, blogs, companies, websites etc it's free - we just want to provide people with a huge amount of resources all around the world that help to live this lifestyle. Email us if your blog or website needs to be listed as a helpful resource! 

I went to the hot tub, steam room and then sauna to finish the night :) cleansing! Feels so good. I also ate some more grapes and a nectarine and raspberries for dinner. 

Back to NYC tomorrow!!! 43 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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