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Friday, November 1, 2013

Cellular Biology

Some people probably won't agree with this, but I ate raw chocolate cashew ice cream for breakfast. Why? Because I felt like it. I am happy about my choice and I figure it's better than me eating candy or processed chocolate for breakfast. I am still getting nutrients from my cashew ice cream. I did have the ice cream after I did 15 minutes of oil pulling with sesame seed oil, then brushed my teeth with baking soda and bentonite clay, and then had a drink of diatomaceous earth.

Here is my recipe for cashew ice cream for you:

I was super excited to see Natural News feature my blog "Recipes for the Heart" on their home page today! Here is the link for you:

I am very excited, grateful and at times nervous to be living in these times. It is overall an exhilarating time to be alive. We are taking self healing and health to new levels like never before.

How's this for new times... 

From fellow Hay House Author, Bruce Lipton:

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist whose breakthrough research, revealing how our thoughts affect every one of the cells in our bodies, made him a pioneer in what is known as the "new biology."

"Conventional physics sees the human body as a machine made of atoms and mol- ecules, while quantum physics reveals that underneath that apparent structure there is nothing other than energy. That means we are energy beings interacting with everything else in the entire energy field. The wholeness of it is the single true reality. In trying to understand a person's health, for example, if you only focus on physical traits, you miss the influence of surrounding energy fields. If you only focus on the person's body, you miss the impact that environment plays in shaping that body.
Why this "wholeness" is relevant in our lives goes back to a quote by Einstein: "The field is the sole governing agency of the particle." This dictum provides us with insight as to how the "field" created by our thoughts affects the "particles" that we physically perceive as our world and life experiences.
To understand how the field works, we start with the fact that we are made of cells. Cells are individual living organisms made from protein building blocks. There are over 100,000 different kinds of proteins, which are molecules with complex shapes that behave like gears that engage with each other. Some of these coupled-protein gears create respiration, some provide digestion, others contract muscles, etc. The blueprints for these gears are the genes. When the cell needs to make gears for a particular function, it selects the appropriate blueprint from the DNA, copies it and uses the copy as a template to build the cell's protein."

Today as I was on the Earth Diet facebook page and saw this testimonial that I thought was awesome and inspiring, and wanted to share it with you:

"You were the one who changed my husband and I and we are nearing 60! People comment on how great we look. .. but the best part is we feel so young after dropping some unnecessary weight we had been carrying around for years. We connected with our food on a different level than ever before and we are farmers! Thanks for being there for us! I tell everyone to check The Earth Diet out. Food is a big part of well-being and I am also a energy worker."

Love and hugs,
Teresa and David F
Alexandria, TN

I also did yoga today which is a good balance. Sometimes it's challenging for me to want to do anything else but connect with people online and make food and eat food, but I know I always enjoy how I feel after yoga so I'm glad I made that happen. I am also happy with a life of just traveling, food and connecting with people online and in person, so I never have anything to complain about. If I complain I can tell myself to shut up and remind myself what I have to be grateful for! I really have no time for complaining. It only makes me feel bad and it unproductive. 

I also wrote my first monthly health column for massepequa news paper which I'm excited about. I am going to write monthly tips and recipes and let people know how they can get ingredients from Organic Corner. I really love that community.

Here is an article the newspaper wrote about my last raw food class there. You can read the article here:

I also found out today that Wild By Nature an organic supermarket in Huntington will be donating ingredients for my event "All You Can Eat" next weekend!!! I am so excited because I love this store and excited to use their ingredients to feed people recipes from my new manuscript and talk about them :)

I am at the Movers and Shakers event this weekend with Reid Tracy (CEO of Hay House), and Cheryl Richardson. What I got from the session tonight was a great reminder, to be grounded and present while working towards my next level in business.

361 days to the new Earth Diet book launch!

Love Liana

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