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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tip for absorbing nutrients through your skin!

Hi everyone! 

Yesterday was my very first ALL YOU CAN EAT Earth Diet event! It was a great success and people LOVED the food! I was making food for 3 days. Here is what was on the menu and this is a great idea for the holidays that are coming up including Thanksgiving, people have been asking me what they can make so here are my ideas:

Ginger tea 
Beet juice 
Green juice 
Lemon water

Main dishes:
Turmeric rice 
Cumin Quinoa 
Bean Burgers 
Zuchinni spaghetti with bean bolognaise sauce 
Superfood kale salad 

Cashew Cheesecake 
Mini cheesecakes
Chocolate balls 
Chocolate peanut butter cups 

People especially loved the Bean Burgers as they replace meat burgers for a lot of people. That recipe will be in the new book next year! The favorite was the Cheesecake, it blows people's mind how it is made with nondairy and no sugar! 

Recipes are available free on the website and are also in the original book which you have until February to get and then it's discontinued! 

You can see photos from my event here:

Talk about nourishment for holiday season. There is really no need to poison ourselves! Ever! 

One of the beautiful women who came,  Rita has cancer and it hurts her tremendously to swallow. I suggested instead of eating foods through her mouth, she could eat foods through her skin, our skin is the largest organ after all. 

So here is a tip in absorbing nutrients through your skin:

1. Bathe in lemon water to absorb vitamin c and alkalize your body, very refreshing 
2. Bathe in green juice, phresh greens or even just cucumber for green nutrients
3. Bathe in bentonite clay for minerals and to absorb toxins from your skin 
4. Bathe in aloe Vera 
5. I also suggested if she is craving chocolate instead if eating it she could rub cacao butter over her skin.
6. Also to absorb good fats and oils you can rub coconut oil or olive oil over your body. 

Those are some helpful tips if you are sick of eating, or if eating is currently hurting you, and remember eating through your mouth is not the only option. Everything you put on your skin, your skin is absorbing and your body is eating too! 

Enjoy the nourishment! Remember health is paradise.

353 days to book launch!

Love Liana 
Chat with me anytime 

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