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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vote for the new book cover!

This blog is about YOU voting for your favorite book cover for the *new* Earth Diet book! Let me know which one you like, A or B? and tell me why! Either comment below, or click on the photo to comment on facebook or email me at

Thank you for contributing! After all it is a book for all of us!

I like both of them, and I really can't decide between the two. I like A because the colors stick in my mind. But I like B because it incorporates a Beet Juice and Green Juice which I am always talking about. B also has the photo of the Chia Seed Cereal as new recipe in the book. I also like B because it shows the simplicity of this lifestyle through herbs and spices. I like the berries in A and I think the colors are more memorable. I really cannot decided. Hay House have done a great job at both designs, and I would be happy with either! None of us could decide which is why we are asking YOU!!!

I am so interested to hear which one is your favorite! Which would you prefer to have on your kitchen bench and see it everyday?

With 341 days to the book launch, it is exciting to be part of this health journey with you all!

Love Liana
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  1. I like option a the best a the best it feelsneathier, simple and beautiful. Option B looks good too but the red ball at the top left and the green on at the bottom right look like Christmas tree bells therefore feels more seasonal. looking forward to seeing the new book.
    All the best
    Clasina Weese

  2. Option B stands out more to me. Maybe because it doesn't just show food but the herbs around the bowl and glasses scream "earth" to me more than the hessian place mat of A.

  3. B is my choice. It incorporates more Earth ingredients and i think it is more colorful. Thank You Liana for letting us help pick the cover of the new Earth Diet book. So excited for you!

  4. i like the both but option B i like better

  5. Although both covers are beautiful, I vote for A - I think it is more eye-catching and has a very appealing design. It makes my mouth water!

  6. I choose A I think for me it's clean, doesn't look as busy as book cover B, both are actually nice but I like A because the color yellow pops and the letters are large.