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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tips for more PRODUCTIVITY.

339 days to book launch! Today was loaded with nutrients and productivity - this blog has recipes and tips for living a more productive life!

Brilliant day! 

Today: operation Personalized Programs for YOU! 

I started with a giant beet juice! Got to love that great big colon cleanse!
Click on photo for Beet Juice Recipe. 

Then I went to the farmers markets of Fairfield, Iowa! If we cannot grow our own garden, we can rely on our local farmers markets! I got organic cucumbers (ate them for dinner and put the skins on my face for hydration), apples (making Apple Fruit Leathers that are dehydrating right now! Will share recipe soon when I have perfected it!), Ethiopian food which was lentil curry and cabbage and potatoes (super warming), I got some soap that only had 3 ingredients (castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil - blown away at the simplicity - no need for chemicals in soap at all! It's really about how we process it in the making of), lastly I got some rose water spray for my face. Talk about taking care of myself! Yum!

A fitting place to meet my friend and colleague, Emily Rose Shaw, who is actually an Earth Diet Mentor for the Personalized Programs! We went to Cafe Paradiso for Raw Chocolate made by Noah's Rock'n Raw Chocolates but they had sold out! Good for him, not good for us! haha so we went to Everybody's the local organic store and got his chocolate there, along with a green juice and green tea. By this point I am grateful and buzzing on the antioxidants and nourishment I had already consumed in the day.

Click on the photo for Green Juice recipe.

Emily and I talk business for a couple hours. We are excited. The focus is the Earth Diet Personalized Programs. We talk about the clients we mentor one on one, and what people are asking for and what improvements we can make in 2014. We realize that people want to do 3 month, 6 month and 12 month programs rather than a month. People want to feel set up to succeed, and both Emily and I took at least 12 months to really transform our lifestyle using earth's natural means. I was a junk food addict for 5 years, and it took me a 1 year commitment to eat only natural foods to break that vicious cycle and now I am free of it. We also talked about the free monthly webinars we are doing next year to answer people's questions while living the Earth Diet lifestyle. More information and questionnaire for the Personalized Programs here If you really want to create an entirely new relationship with yourself and food, this is the program I designed for people to achieve that. It is working! People are having life changing results. No quick fad either, it is a lifestyle transformation - that sticks!

Then we talk cravings, and what our bodies are wanting! I am craving cashew ice cream with chocolate sauce. And my newest recipe that is a hybrid of cooked onions with cumin and turmeric and then adding fresh raw cilantro, avocado and cucumber! But dessert is always first - for me it works! Emily is craving fish. We decide on what Earth Diet recipes we are going to make and then get the ingredients and head home bound to start creating!

We made a feast of nourishment. YUM. Bliss.

I have been putting together the very first Earth Diet "365 Day Recipe Book"with all the recipes I have shared on the website all year! It is quite a project but I am excited that every recipe will be in one place for our convenience! I will launch this Jan 2014! People who pre-order an Earth Diet book get it for free! People ask me how I am so productive and have energy? I get a lot done every day! I have a daily routine of juice, exercise, breathing, mirror work, affirmations, meditation, lots of nourishing foods, Earth Diet tasks like mentoring people and I get what I need to get done because I love what I do! I even got in 50 minutes of yoga today!!! This video sums a lot of it up!

Today I was faced with a very challenging and painful family issue, someone in the family is very ill, and it is very heartbreaking for my entire family. I realize everyday we are faced with challenges, and it is up to us to love and accept ourselves, the situation, and fuel our bodies with loving nutritious foods - it helps to get through the rough times. I am proud of how I am handling it and my body is energized on high vibe nutrition.

I am excited to send my cousin Bernie who is 7 a package of raw chocolate mini bars for Christmas! Perfect for his lunch box! 

Are you sharing healthy gifts with your loved ones? If you want holiday package ideas here are some I have put together: I also got Bernie a children's book by Louise Hay about positive affirmations. Imagine being 7 and getting raw chocolate and a dose of good thoughts for Christmas! Love it.

Love Liana

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