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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Do you want it VS do you need it?

Today was great. My blog today is about:

Do you want it?  VS Do you need it?

My morning today started with book signing! I got to sign some more original books while they are available until February! I am running a promotion that if you order an original Earth Diet book before November 14th I will sign your copy :) Hay House are releasing The Earth Diet book in October 2014 so I will discontinue my original self published version. More information here:

Then I went to Wild By Nature in Huntington to receive a generous donation of ingredients they have supplied me with for my event the Earth Diet "ALL YOU CAN EAT" hosted by Jean Weiss at her Wellness Home. As we picked it up, Sal who works with The Earth Diet looked at all the produce they gave us and said "Thats wild... " and then added ..."wild by nature!" once he realized how great the title of their store is!!! Wild by Nature!!! haha we laughed and are loving how much fresh glorious food they donated to me to feed people in Huntington!

At the ALL YOU CAN EAT event I am making recipes from the original book and also new recipes that are in the new book published by Hay House next year! I love how there are so many more organic stores and organic products becoming more and more accessible to us! Today though, I did see a Canola oil that had a USDA Organic label AND a NON-GMO project label, and I am sad to say this but absolutely no canola oil is organic, it is a new genetically modified product from something that is already genetically modified. It is the first time I have seen the Non-Gmo label on something inauthentic. I know so many of these companies start out with a great mission of being healthy and nourishing people but then they sell themselves to a larger co-orporation whose first objective is to make money. Then there is no value ad quality in the product anymore. Soon they will learn that PEOPLE WANT QUALITY. If you ever see me promoting canola oil you will know I sold out ;) So I posted on facebook about trusting the food and companies you buy. Only buy it if you trust it and use your intuition. Do research on the internet about gmo's and canola oil and see if it's right for you. To me, it's just gross! haha!

Dream come true! Today I got to play with all of these ingredients to make an abundance of recipes from the Earth Diet book! This is what I love to do!

Today I prepared for the event by making Cashew Cheesecake, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups andddd Almond Butter Cups AND mini cheesecakes! 

Earth Diet Cashew Cheesecake

Earth Diet Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
Earth Diet Mini Cheesecakes

My very first ALL YOU CAN EAT event! Excited!

As I was making all the food today, I was listening to fellow Hay House Author Suze Orman on youtube, she has empowering books and resources for loving money and respecting it. She is like the health advocate for the money arena, the healthy money lady! She has created a powerful relationship for herself around money, just like what I have done with food! What I took away from listening to her most was relating to my consumption, and I asked myself how many times I purchase something because "I want it" or because "I need it.". Suze recommends only buying something when we need it vs wanting it. It got me thinking about our food choices, and how much I eat because "I want to eat it" vs "I need to eat." I can see when I eat from I want it, rather than needing it. I do realize that if we eat because we need it, not because we want it, we would all be much slimmer, healthier, sustainable and resourceful. I am going to be super mindful of this moving forward with my eating habits. When I was 16 and started to binge eat on junk food (which I talk about in my very first blog ever HERE), I ate junk food because I had strong cravings of 'wanting it'. I certainly did not need it, I would not die from not eating junk foods. But I was not able to have that thought process of 'I don't need it" when I had my cravings. Now I have more control. Well I have all the control don't I? I literally get to choose what goes in my mouth and what doesn't!

So my request is this... every time YOU eat, will you ask yourself "Do I want this?" or "Do I need this?" And only eat if you need it. Chances are you will eat a lot less, and also only eat foods that provide your body with nutrition. And even if you eat only from the need more often than the want, I am sure you will notice great results in your health and well being. I am accepting this request for myself! I already got up to get a Mini Chesecake I made today and eat it, but I thought I definitely want this, I don't need it! And I feel empowered with my choice to not eat it. I went in the infrared sauna instead! And I will be eating plenty of cheesecake at my event on the weekend haha! I want to be the most sustainable resourceful human being I can be. Being wasteful and excessive is not cool.

This afternoon as I finished up making my cheesecakes we were gifted with a beautiful double rainbow - WOW I have never seen such a perfect rainbow in my life! My camera did not do justice but you can still feel the magic.

355 days to book launch!

Good night!
Love Liana

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