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Monday, November 18, 2013

GIVEAWAY! One person to win 12 month Personalized Program.

This blog is about a GIVEAWAY! One person will win an Earth Diet Mentor for 12 months! Enter here:

This is an opportunity to totally transform your health and be unrecognizable to your old self and health habits! This is for people who really want a breakthrough and to achieve their health goals with the help of a Mentor!

I am so excited to announce this. You have until Tuesday 24th of December 2013 to submit your entry, and tell us:

  • Why you want a Mentor for 12 months! 
  • What are your health goals? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to work on most
  • What are your favorite foods? 
The winner receives a Mentor from January 1st 2014 to January 1st 2015. This total prize package is valued at $1799.40 

This is so fun! You get to really define your health goals! Is there something you just really want to achieve in this lifetime and if you don't you will really regret it? It might be dropping that excess weight, or healing something that really needs to be healed! Whatever it is to you, we get that it is important! A Mentor can really help you stay accountable, and a Mentor is on your side, your Mentor wants you to win and achieve your goals! For 2 years The Earth Diet has been offering Personalized Programs for people who want their own Mentor. People who have had their own Personalized Program designed for them have had life changing results. If you have tried to achieve a particular health goal for years but haven't been successful, then you may really benefit from a Mentor who you can email whenever you need a new recipe, tip or solution.

A MENTORS JOB is to be there for you, 
be on your side, 
help you win,
and help you with new tips, 
recipes and solutions.

I mentor people one on one, and I have selected very fine Mentors who are also available. The mentor who will be the winners mentor for 12 months is Chizelle, check out her profile page here! Chizelle healed herself of graves disease using raw foods and natural lifestyle, and now is a picture of health! Chizelle is also gifted in coming up with delicious and health recipes. In July this year, Chizelle created all the DAILY RECIPES for the month of July, you can check them out here!

Remember it's never too late, and your never too sick, to enjoy a life you love!

This is the link to find out more and to enter:

To check out our other Mentors and Personalized Programs go here:

Love Liana!

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