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Sunday, November 3, 2013

A tip for the busy person and Green Juice recipe.

359 days to book launch! I'm sure the person with a busy business lifestyle can appreciate this tip: whenever I have a lot of work happening, and I might be booked busy for a few days at a time, I take with me everywhere Phresh greens. It is a greens powder, dried up greens (kale, spinach, wheatgrass etc all that good stuff), and I mix it with water. After drinking it I feel like I am fulfilled on getting nutrients. It is food. Quick food. Yes fresh is always best if you can eat an apple a complete whole food well we all know how many nutrients we get from that, or make a juice of greens then we are getting raw living nutrients which is optimal! But when you can't do that, phresh greens is perfect for just mixing with water and drinking. It's high vibe superfood drink. Do I get paid to say this? Well kind of. I sell and promote products that I use myself. Like you can too with whatever you use, hopefully it's also earth friendly and making people healthier! I am the author of a healthy lifestyle, so I expect I would share honest brands and clean nutrition products with you! I wouldnt put poison into my body so makes sense to stand behind something that is life givibg! You get 10% off the greens forever at my affiliate page
I am building my online store so people can buy huge baskets full of Earth Diet food for as many days as you want. Including clay and chocolate too! There are so many great healthy products available to us now! We really are living in good times! I am celebrating being here, and learning how each person has a unique gift and message to offer the planet. We are all so tasty and vibrant in our own way.

If you don't like the sound of greens powder Make a fresh juice! Using ingredients from your garden Would be ultimate!

Tip for the busy person: Make all your juice on Sunday, and freeze juices for the entire week. Take out a juice everyday! Fresh is best, but frozen is second best!

Here is a Green Juice recipe:

Total time: 5-10 minutes
Serves: 1
3 x cucumber
1 x green apple
1. Chop and juice cucumber and apples together.

2. Serve
Only 2 ingredients

Great for skin and hair
Very quick and easy
EVERY single recipe on this website uses nature’s ingredients, only.
* Always choose ORGANIC, local and seasonal whenever possible. 

This recipe was invented by Chizelle who is an Earth Diet Mentor. 

Today at the Hay House event with Reid Tracy and Cheryl Richardson I realized, I want to write out my bio as if I am 80 years old and talk about what I have done and experienced and how I have felt throughout my life and what I will do for the next 20 years as I make it to 100! Well I can certainly dream! And so I will write that out. I encourage you to as well, write out how you want the story of your life to go. What people will remember you for, what you did in your life, how you felt and how you experienced some really great things.

"It may just be that a true wake-up call creates a true shift in consciousness." Cheryl Richardson
The day the tumor popped in my neck was my true wake-up call. Ever since I've been on the path to a natural lifestyle and life is growing healthier and healthier. 

I am noticing how at times what comes up for me is that I am intimated by other people, based upon their business experience I decide if they are better than me or not. I realize this is not a productive way to be, it doesn't feel right to feel less than other people, and I realize we are all as equal as each other, and how I figure this is that we all share one huge huge huge thing in common... FOOD! We all eat food! As you know food realllllly excites me. So does aging. I really am looking forward to be 80 years old, but I am also enjoying the present time as well :) I am learning boundaries... Doing life the best I can, I am becoming my own best friend! I realize my healthiest self is loving myself consistently and fueling my body with nourishing foods. I remember this exact quote I wrote in the new Earth Diet manuscript  "Good food and good thoughts is good medicine." Simple yet super effective! 

I'm excited. 

I had lunch today at One Lucky Duck at Chelsea market. I more like had a dessert lunch. Raw nutrient packed desserts have made my life so delicious. 

Good night. Have a beautiful full nourished sleep. I am excited for all of us!

Love Liana 
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