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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tips to incorporate more raw foods.

350 days to book launch! This blog has tips to incorporate more raw foods into your life.

Today I had raw foods and cooked foods. I've noticed from the questions and conversations I've been having with people lately, a lot of people feel pressure to go completely raw. For some people being entirely raw is just not an option. I don't think the stress from wanting to be 100% raw is worth your health. I am a big believer of listening to our own bodies and what they need. For some people, their bodies need warmth and cooked foods, and that fire can be healing and beneficial for their body. Remember the native Indians and aboriginal people used to eat a combination of raw foods they gathered and cooked foods with the fire.

I have seen how raw foods can transform people's lives. Incorporating raw food has transformed my life. 

We can all probably agree that adding more raw foods into our diet can add more nutrition and better well being. It's alive after all! 

Here are some tips to incorporate more raw into your life: 
1. With every cooked meal add a raw element, for example if you have a curry top it with cucumber, avocado or fresh cilantro and parsley. 
2. Drink a lemon water daily! A great way to get quick raw affordable rawness! 
3. Have a juice daily, for example a beet juice and green juice!

In the new Earth Diet book there are a lot of raw recipes including juices, smoothies, desserts and meals. There are also recipes for cooked vegan and meat eaters. I believe in variety and balance. I also believe in not leaving anyone out so I include recipes for every type of eating. 

Remember it's one step at a time and it's a process. Eat as much raw food as possible (especially from your own garden or herb bed) and don't feel guilty when you eat cooked foods! 

Be kind to yourself! I am practicing this a lot lately, I realize I am my own best friend, today I enjoyed a hot tub in the snow! Bliss! 

I had a beet juice in the morning, a berry smoothie with cacao and almond butter, a superfood kale salad and then lentil curry for dinner. Majority of what I had today was raw and I wasn't even trying. 

Love Liana 

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