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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

336 days to book launch!

This blog is for people who are having intense cravings for junk foods. Here are some tips to nourish these cravings,

People often ask me if I still crave junk foods. The truth is, rarely. And it is becoming less and less as I get healthier and healthier and take out toxins from my body. I have noticed when I am stressed or overwhelmed then I experience cravings for Gummi bears or hamburgers and fries. Sometimes the cravings can be intense and its like nothing else will satisfy it but to have it. But compared to the cravings I had 5 years ago, when i was addicted to junk foods, it's much easier to deal with now! 

Here is what I do to nourish my cravings for destructive junk foods and not have to be controlled by them. 

1. The good news is, it is possible to be free of them! Just remember it is a process!!! When we have cravings we often make ourselves wrong and think things like "I shouldn't be having this craving, this is bad. I wish this was't happening." What we make wrong we keep in place. What we resist persists. Think this when you have cravings, "Even though I have these cravings I love and accept myself." 

2. Have a lemon water, do the opposite.

3. Find natural recipes to replace your cravings...What are your favorite junk foods? Guess whatttt there are natural alternatives to all of it! Even gummi bears!!! I make my natural version of Gummi bears by pureeing apples and then dehydrating (or in oven at 170 degrees) for 5 hours and then roll it into a ball and it fulfills my gummi bear cravings! 

When I crave burgers I make Earth Diet burgers with nutritional yeast instead of cheese and organic ketchup, which are better than any burger I've had! Yum! 

I also crave tacos and burritos so I make those! 

When I crave chocolate I never hold back I eat raw chocolate and always have it on hand!

4. If you do give in and eat junk food, don't make yourself wrong, experience it and know you are committed to a healthy life and you are on the right path. Remember it is a process and it is different for every person. Be kind to yourself. You can always start again now and now and now and now! 

5. Know the caving WILL eventually pass. Every time without fail. Life keeps moving. 

6. Have a huge juice like beet juice or green juice to wash out toxins. 

7. Drink bentonite clay and or diatomaceous earth to absorb toxins and ground you. Most people with cravings in that moment are experiencing low self value and chaotic stress energy in the body. Drinking these detox drinks that are extremely grounding can help.

8. Eat the junk foods! Go for it! Allow yourself to do it! Then have a lemon water and ginger tea after to help with the digestion so your body can get rid of the toxins in good time :)

9. Start a blog like I did to break my junk food habits and the vicious cycle! If you want a blog through The Earth Diet email me , we have set up a few people with blogs recently at . It helps to build community and readers who support you and hold you accountable. 

10. Take a hot Epsom salt bath, clay bath or go to a sauna and sweat! :) 

Let me know what you do for your cravings! 

We own our cravings, they don't own us! 

Love Liana 

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