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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I am happy with my body and shape!

With 362 days to the launch of the new Earth Diet book published by Hay House, here is what I did:

I was sent this photo of me taken at the I Can Do It Event,  taken by my friend Roxxe who is a photographer in NYC #icdiny13 this past weekend. I am happy with my body shape :) !!!

Roxxe took this photo after Wayne Dyer spoke, he is so loving, peaceful and so empowering. He had a positive impact on a lot of people at the event. So did the rest of the speakers. They all contribute so much goodness to the world. I noticed among most of their speeches they talked about GMO's and the quality of the food, and spoke about the inportance of natural and organic food. I believe a natural lifestyle resonates with everyone at the core, we all know to connect with earth and live a clean lifestyle. It's clear we are heading in a good direction.

Met with my publicist Richelle, and Ashley at Peacefood Cafe, the new location that opened downtown NYC. It was a stunning setting. I had a beet juice with pineapple... Delicious!!! If you are afraid you won't like beet, try adding apple or pineapple to make it sweet and delicious. And here is a recipe for a vegetable beet juice:

Walked around the city, it is Halloween today so people are dressed up and it's so fun! The weather is beautiful my coat can stay open!

Had divine cashew ice cream, chocolate and also mint chip at Organic Avenue! Sat outside and ate both flavors and enjoyed kids walk past acknowledging this was an organic store and probably won't have candy!!! They are right haha! But they do have raw chocolate!

Speaking of raw chocolate today I had two chocolate peanut butter cups for breakfast!!! It felt great to start the day on delicious protein and I felt really happy... Must be the cacao! ;) and the combination of peanut butter! I love these so much that I have them made for me by a great chocolatier! They are available on my website anytime! And more and more stores. Request them from your local juice bar or organic store if you want them in the area!

I was craving lollies/candy the past two days, maybe its the Halloween spirit! I was craving gummi bears and weird brightly colored candies! I wondered if I would eat some but then I figured I don't feel like digesting that stuff so I ate plenty of raw chocolate and raspberry cashew cheesecake I made to satisfy those cravings! And I got through it! Now I don't have the craving. And looking forward to my green drink tomorrow!

I brought some chocolate to lunch with me for Richelle and Ashley and the NYC Hay House office. I also brought some phresh greens with me to share! If I'm meeting you and I'm excited I'm most likely bringing you some food, something delicious or something super healthy for energy!!! I love it :)

Today I also gave some bentonite clay to the beautiful woman who washes my hair at the hair salon whichhhhh by the way vegans will love this... the New York Hair CO uses vegan products only... And organic as much as possible they are transitioning to everything organic and natural. As we all know its a process! They use animal cruelty free shampoos and even have organic dyes. Dogs are allowed! They have vegan dog treats for your lover! It's a fun environment. I brought my hairdresser a carrot shot, since its Halloween!

Next week I go on the radio to talk about ... Let's seeeee food and recipes!!! Excited! More details to come, I'm sure on Facebook!

I love how candy is being redefined to fruit smoothies being dried and rolled into a thick candy square fold or a ball of sweetness. Brilliant... Absolutely brilliant. Healthy AND delicious. Best combination ever!

Going to Movers and Shakers event this weekend. Excited.

Tonight I affirm I will have a nourishing peaceful sleep. I hope. Haha! ;))) !!!

Love Liana.

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