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Friday, November 15, 2013

Eating from love rather than fear.

This blog is a day of my eating in NYC. The intention today was to get a lot of nutrients and to stay warm!

I started the day with chocolate covered strawberries, left over from what I made last night. Simple: cacao butter, cacao powder and strawberries. 

Then I had a jasmine and green tea.

Next I had a couple spoons of almond butter, for protein. 

Then I went to get my hair cut at New York Hair Co on Upper West Side, they are a vegan - animal cruelty free salon and use organic products.

After that I went to Organic Avenue and had an Aloe Vera shot and some Sea weed snax. 

Then I walked through Central Park and absorbed some fresh oxygen :) I found myself at another Organic Avenue haha! So I got a royal red juice (beet) and Cashew chocolate ice cream! 

I had a meeting with my lawyer. 

After that I craved minerals so ate some more sea weed snax! Which are great for on-the-go eating! 

Next I went to the Loveability course - hosted by Hay House and led by legendary lovinator Robert Holden - I totally underestimated it. We did mirror work. I realized how much I doubt how lovable I am. Before Robert reminded us we are all Eternal lovliness! 

How this love course applies to food... Well the more we love ourselves the better we eat to continue to love ourself. When we eat from fear and hate of self, we go for junk foods that make us feel worse.

What about eating something sooo healthy and nutritious when we are just in the worst mood and craving junk? 

How much are you eating from a space of love? 

I believe when we love ourself we choose to eat foods that taste good but also provide our bodies with nourishment. 

We eat good food to love our bodies, and we love our bodies so we eat good foods. 

Then for dinner I had sweet potatoes with cucumber and avocado and ginger. What I love about this meal is that it is a third cooked and two thirds raw so a hybrid dish that still warms my body yet had a lot of raw nutrients as well. 

Then throughout the day I drank plenty of water and also drank bentonite clay water which I had with me all day. 

Today I got a lot of raw nutrients. I also got a lot of protein, magnesium and antioxidants! 

A good day of eating I say!

347 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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