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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Andrew lost 57 pounds in 45 days JUICING.

This blog is about the juice recipes in the new Earth Diet book and how Andrew lost 57 pounds in 45 days from juicing!!!

Since April I have been working with Hay House on the new Earth Diet book! Working on the manuscript certainly has been a process! Since this is not a thousand page book, my editor had to cut me off at one point with recipes! Haha! I just wanted to keep adding more and more recipes! It is the recipes after all that are the heart of the Earth Diet and the stars of the show!

We are now in final stages of manuscript before it becomes type set. My job now is to go through the manuscript (I have printed it out and it is gorgeous! Stunning! Bright and crisp interior designs. Fresh!) and to read through it and edit it, find any errors or mistakes. I am up to the Juice recipe section! 

I wanted to share with you the juice recipes that I have included in the new book and why...

There are 10 juice recipes total, and 9 variations, so essentially 19 different juice combinations. And I'm sure you will also come up with your own variations! The juices are: 

1. Beet Juice - of course this one makes the book as it is one of the most powerful blood, liver and bowel cleanses on the planet! If you want to move stuff in your colon this is the one to have. Anything compacted and toxic and stuck to your bowel walls won't be after this juice! 

2. Green Juice - a very famous recipe! Refreshing, so alkalizing and energizing! A must have at least a few times a week! 

3. Celery Juice - I included this juice because its super powerful for weight loss, it's low in calories and very hydrating and alkalizing for the body. 

4. Vegetable Juice - this is a classic veg juice and great for diabetics. Very high in protein too! 

5. Apple Cucumber Ginger Juice - ginger is the buzz word! This is a great juice for cleansing the gall bladder! 

6. Fat Blaster - one of the most used Earth Diet recipes ever! A classic weight mover! Made of orange and grapefruit and lemon it's delicious and refreshing. Can you feel the cellulite melt away? 

7. Apple juice - a very simple one and children love this! 

8. Cherry juice - just so lush! And great for people with gout! 

9. Immune boosting juice - this one was included to help kick off a cold, or to boost the immune system to heal any disease or at least improve it! 

10. Orange juice - a simple classic juice to energize us, boost immunity, load us with Vitamin C and can be made simply with our hands! 

At the beginning of the Juices
Chapter I say "Juicing is the quickest way for us to get a high dose of nutrition immediately." 

Have you had your juice today? 

What is the recommended dose? I recommend every person on the planet have one juice per day, it's essential we all get nutrition so we can function properly and powerfully! Even a lemon water is a form of a juice, squeeze the lemon and now you have juice! 

Health can be simple. Thank goodness for juicing! 

The juices in my new book are designed for these health benefits:
Weight Loss
Digestive Health 
Immune Boosting 
Protein - the vegetable juice is high in protein! 

Here is a success story of Andrew who lost 57 pounds in 45 days from juicing!!! 

Love Liana 

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