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Monday, November 4, 2013

Italian Earth Diet Food!

Tonight I made dinner for a friends parents. They are Italian. I wanted to make them food that they are used to, but Earth Diet style! So no processed pasta, no cheese, no dairy, no soy, no bleached flour! Just real ingredients tasting real good :)

So I created a menu:

1. Garlic Bread
This is a bread recipe that my mum made up. It does have gluten but it can also be made with rice flour or buckwheat for a gluten free option. I made the bread rolls, and then to make them into garlic bread I made a sauce with olive oil, garlic and salt and coated the bread in it. Yum! The bread roll recipe is in the original book (available on sale until February 2014) and this recipe will also be in the new book!

2. Pasta with tomato sauce   
I made this with brown rice pasta so it's gluten free. I made the sauce with beans, tomatoes, onion, garlic and spices :) This is a brand new recipe I mad up tonight and will be a daily recipe on the website.

Here are some recipes I have using brown rice pasta:

3. Simple salad for refreshment and for balancing out the other cooked items, so now the meal became a hybrid. I made the salad with lettuce leaves, spinach, olive oil, lemon and pistachio nuts. 

They loved it! Its amazing but not surprising what great ingredients can do.  My mission complete!

358 days to book launch!

Good night! 
Love Liana 

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