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Saturday, November 30, 2013

332 days to book launch!

Today I attended a pot luck. Here is what I made, and some easy recipes that are popular at a pot luck!

Wikipedia meaning of pot luck: A potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people may do contribute a dish of food prepared by the person or group of people, to be shared among the group. To the Irish potluck was a meal with no particular menu. It appears to have originated in the 19th century in western USA. But the term pot-luck appeared in 16th century England. 

One of my most favorite things to do is eat food with great people!

I made a raw Chocolate Pecan Pie, ingredients are pecans, coconut oil, real salt, vanilla, maple syrup and cacao powder. It's from an Earth Diet daily recipe!

But I made it into a brownie instead of a pie! The greatest thing about raw is no baking involved! Just mixing everything together and done ready to eat bliss! 

And we had it with Vanilla Cashew Ice Cream! New recipe in new book! 

Jody made a turkey soup from Thanksgiving left overs and added the fiber of a juice we made. A great way to use juice pulp! Add it to soups it's delicious! 

We also had grapes. And some enjoyed red wine. 

Would you like to have a healthy pot luck at your place and invite your friends and family? 

Tonight I invited my friend Emily (who is also a mentor for the Earth Diet Personalized Programs). Here is how our conversation went: 

Dome = a place to meditate in Fairfield Iowa.

And it's as easy as that! People love pot lucks! It's always fun to see the variety of what everyone brings. 

We finished the evening with ginger tea to help digestion and settle it all down ;) 

Recipes that always do well at a pot luck (and are easy to transport) are: 
2. Salads like Superfood Kale Salad

Take photos of your pot luck and share them online at or email them to me at it's always so fun to see what other people are eating! 

Love Liana 

Friday, November 29, 2013

333 days to book launch!

I want to give one signed book to a winner who can guess how many recipes are in the new Earth Diet book! 

3 is my favorite number and since its 333 days to the new book launch what better way to celebrate then to give away a new book! 

To enter just comment below, or email 

There is one entry per person, let us know how many recipes you think there are in the book. Consider there are juice recipes, teas and waters, smoothies, milks and milkshakes, raw vegan dishes, cooked vegan dishes, meat eaters, condiments, desserts and chocolate! 

The first person to guess the exact amount of recipes wins! The book is releasing October 28th 2014 so you will receive it after that! 

Good luck guessing! 

Love Liana 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

334 days to book launch! Happy Thanksgiving!

This blog shows the feast I had for Thanksgiving! I was thankful to spend the day with great people and great quality food! There was absolutely non GMO's or junk foods at our table! 

Here is what I had:

I made cranberry sauce with: cranberries, chia seeds and honey. 

This is the Classis Cashew Cheesecake with a pecan crust. Here is the recipe:
People are always blown away when they ask what ingredients are in it: cashews, lemon, vanilla extract, salt, maple syrup! Absolutely no dairy, no soy, no refined sugar. 

This is the organic turkey we had! I stuffed it with brown rice pasta so we could have a gluten free stuffing! Here is the recipe for stuffing:

These are a recipe from the new Earth Diet book 2014, Coconut Basil Sweet Potato Fries - the flavors go so well together. 

Here is Brussel sprouts baked in the oven with purple onion. 
This was my plate! My first plate! Haha I had two! Such a delicious combination of foods, I love how the colors are all there; orange, green, purple, red and then the turkey protein and brown rice pasta. To add a raw element I had lime water :) 
Dessert started with a ginger tea and slice of cheesecake.
The night before I made Pecan Pie (new recipe). These two pies go so well together. 
Emily, who is an Earth Diet Mentor for Personalized Programs made eggplant nuggets today! These are a great vegan dish. Here is the recipe:

I love how we live in a day and age where we can pack our foods with nutrients, while still making them delicious. Do you believe we can have it all? I do! These holidays I won't beat eating junk foods, I will be eating healthy desserts that taste so so good!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! 

5 things I'm super grateful for right now:
1. My body is healthy and pain free. I can breathe and move freely. 
2. That I am in a warm safe comfortable place with a fire! 
3. That my family and friends are alive today.
4. That I get to eat delicious foods every day that excite me.
5. That I am free of my past addiction to bingeing on junk foods!!! Freedom. 

Love Liana 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

335 days to book launch!

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live." Jim Rohn. I wanted to keep this blog simple today as I am preparing A LOT of delicious foods for Thanksgiving tomorrow! So I will leave you with that quote, it is a quote from my new Earth Diet book - coming out in 335 days woohooo!

Some people might say 'Well i'm not my body... or I am a spirit in this body... or I can meditate and then I am not living in my body but in energy/spirit/higher dimensions...' and I say well ok but you have to go to sleep with your body AND wake up with your body, so we may as well make sure it's kept healthy and pain free!

I will share some photos in my blog tomorrow of my feast!

Love Liana!

336 days to book launch!

This blog is for people who are having intense cravings for junk foods. Here are some tips to nourish these cravings,

People often ask me if I still crave junk foods. The truth is, rarely. And it is becoming less and less as I get healthier and healthier and take out toxins from my body. I have noticed when I am stressed or overwhelmed then I experience cravings for Gummi bears or hamburgers and fries. Sometimes the cravings can be intense and its like nothing else will satisfy it but to have it. But compared to the cravings I had 5 years ago, when i was addicted to junk foods, it's much easier to deal with now! 

Here is what I do to nourish my cravings for destructive junk foods and not have to be controlled by them. 

1. The good news is, it is possible to be free of them! Just remember it is a process!!! When we have cravings we often make ourselves wrong and think things like "I shouldn't be having this craving, this is bad. I wish this was't happening." What we make wrong we keep in place. What we resist persists. Think this when you have cravings, "Even though I have these cravings I love and accept myself." 

2. Have a lemon water, do the opposite.

3. Find natural recipes to replace your cravings...What are your favorite junk foods? Guess whatttt there are natural alternatives to all of it! Even gummi bears!!! I make my natural version of Gummi bears by pureeing apples and then dehydrating (or in oven at 170 degrees) for 5 hours and then roll it into a ball and it fulfills my gummi bear cravings! 

When I crave burgers I make Earth Diet burgers with nutritional yeast instead of cheese and organic ketchup, which are better than any burger I've had! Yum! 

I also crave tacos and burritos so I make those! 

When I crave chocolate I never hold back I eat raw chocolate and always have it on hand!

4. If you do give in and eat junk food, don't make yourself wrong, experience it and know you are committed to a healthy life and you are on the right path. Remember it is a process and it is different for every person. Be kind to yourself. You can always start again now and now and now and now! 

5. Know the caving WILL eventually pass. Every time without fail. Life keeps moving. 

6. Have a huge juice like beet juice or green juice to wash out toxins. 

7. Drink bentonite clay and or diatomaceous earth to absorb toxins and ground you. Most people with cravings in that moment are experiencing low self value and chaotic stress energy in the body. Drinking these detox drinks that are extremely grounding can help.

8. Eat the junk foods! Go for it! Allow yourself to do it! Then have a lemon water and ginger tea after to help with the digestion so your body can get rid of the toxins in good time :)

9. Start a blog like I did to break my junk food habits and the vicious cycle! If you want a blog through The Earth Diet email me , we have set up a few people with blogs recently at . It helps to build community and readers who support you and hold you accountable. 

10. Take a hot Epsom salt bath, clay bath or go to a sauna and sweat! :) 

Let me know what you do for your cravings! 

We own our cravings, they don't own us! 

Love Liana 

Monday, November 25, 2013

337 days to book launch!

My blog today is about helping people with bipolar and depression through nutrition.

This is an exciting blog to share with you all!

In September someone contacted me to be their personal mentor. As some of you know I create Personalized Programs for the Earth Diet readers.

This person in particular wishes to remain anonymous, but has agreed to share their story and testimonial, as I explained, it might move you and inspire you and help a lot of other people.

Lets call this anonymous person Annon, who says they do have before and after photos, and may share them with the world 'IF this works', and two if they feel comfortable. The thing is that Annon is a known author, and said she would be embarrassed if people knew her 'real' story.

Annon came to me with many health issues. Annon completed the questionare online so I got a grasp of where she was at (general age, location, health issues, goals etc) and in the additional comments this is what she wrote...

"I cannot go on living like this anymore. I am suffering so much, that I don't think I have too, but I am, I must be doing something wrong, I obviously need some guidance, and this is my last, my very very very last hope to save my life. I am successful in my career, and it is going well more than I could have imagined, yet I am SO DEPRESSED, I wake up most mornings wanting to die. I mostly do not want to be alive, and I don't understand why I have to be. I begged God to take me, but since I am here, I must do everything I can to heal my suffering, so my life doesn't get worse and worse. It really started to go down hill in the past 6 months, and it seems to be getting worse and worse. My thoughts are more and more negative. It feels like I have been on a low cycle the past couple years. I wasn't always like this. I once had less and was a happier person - or was I? I am so confused. My health is suffering big time - my therapist says I have depression, and my doctor says I am bipolar, but yet I refuse to go on any pharmaceutical drugs. Liana you have to help me, please I will do anything, I will commit, I am willing to do this all the way if you really think it can help. I have been smoking marijuana since 2010, almost every day, which I am ashamed to say. No one really knows this about me and I have hidden it well. It just doesn't seem like my character and it would really disappoint a lot of people, especially my readers who are counting on me. I don't want to smoke any more. I want to be free of it sooo much, but it gives me so much relief and peace - well I think it does, but I am not sure. I have convinced myself on and off that it is good for me, and that it is bad for me, but I think the ultimate place I can be in is not having to smoke, is it possible to feel that high without some drug or chemical? Liana this is what I want. I might be addicted since I do it almost every day. I don't want to replace it with junk food. I eat fairly well actually, you would be proud of me. I started using the Earth Diet ingredients back in 2009 when you first started your blog. I have eaten A LOT less junk food since your blog thank you so much for that, you have already saved my life because before that I was also addicted to junk food, so when I started reading your blog I stopped eating junk food and starting eating clean, but then about 3 months later I started to smoke marijuana. I feel like I replaced the junk food with marijuana. I thought because it is natural from the earth it can't be that bad, but I think it has affected my health as my eyes are darker, and I am sure my lungs don't like it, and I just think I would be a better person if I didn't 'need' to smoke. So I've been on and off with my eating good, but I can proudly say that I have eaten more good foods than bad foods in the past 4 years. Thank god. But I do notice every time I try to give up smoking I start eating junk foods. It's like I need one or the other.

Liana I need a program where I can eliminate both. I am sick and tired of being dissatisfied with my life. I want to be soooo proud of myself and I want to have a major breakthrough. I don't really know what it will take, but I do have a good feeling about you. I really don't want to go on medication, and I really don't want to be a pot smoker for the rest of my life and I really don't want to commit suicide! I am sure I have a looong way to go, but I am willing to do what it takes. I don't really need to lose weight, maybe 4 pounds would be nice and if I could tone up more. I would like to look prettier, my looks seem to have gotten worse with my negative thinking and pot smoking. If I died right now I would be unhappy with my body, I mean I am grateful I am not in pain right now, my body is well, but I know it's just not my dream body. Am I being selfish to want my dream body? I need to think better thoughts. I am thinking such negative thoughts. I am sure it is the chemicals, gmos and pot smoking taking a toll. I used to be able to handle situations much better, now I am set off with things that might seem small. I have so much fear. I have been treated like shit and been betrayed, lied to, cheated on and abused in the past few years, and I think I am in shock. Well it's time for me to work on letting go of this. I used to really love people and smile at people on the street, now I am just scared of everyone. It doesn't feel right. I know Einstein said perhaps the most challenging thing we will do in our lives is choose to believe I live in a hostile world, or a world that supports me. I am ready to believe in a good world again. I have to. Sure I could continue smoking pot and eating some gmos here and there, but Liana, it just does not fulfill me, it leaves me empty. But I feel kind of crazy wanting such dreams to be possible. I hope they are, and if they are not, I will just have to continue life sometimes happy, and sometimes wanting to die. I also have always had shitty nails, I have bitten my nails since a child, and I want to stop biting them, for once in my life I want strong healthy nails. Also my hair is thin, I want to grow it thicker. And I have veins on my legs I am hoping will go. I also have moles and spots I hope will go, but lol I understand if these are permanent. My eyes used to be beautiful bright green, and now they are dull. I have black circles under my eyes. I have also had acne on my face for 11 months! I have not been able to heal it, and I've never had acne in my life, not even as a teenager! I also had this clairvoyant woman on the street stop me and tell me I was developing bowel and vaginal cancer. I got goosebumps when she spoke to me, and it might sound crazy, but I believe she is right, I have abused my bowels, I used to take laxatives after binge eating on junk food, and I have also abused my vagina, I have been molested once, and many men have taken advantage of me. I am surely learning lessons. I went to a kinesiologist who said I had herpes which might explain the acne. I am not holding back here, I am being totally honest with you in what I want, as I know your time is important and I am just grateful you can spend the time to mentor me. I am still in my late twenties and I want to improve the quality of my life now before it becomes harder in the future. If I don't enjoy the rest of my 20's I am sure I will look back and really regret it. This is the most rock bottom I have ever felt in my life, and it's confusing because from the outside people think I am so happy and have it all and my career really is going perfectly. It's time for me to get really real, and really really healthy and authentically happy. I want to look in the mirror and think to myself 'I love you' rather than saying 'I hate you, what a piece of shit!'. I sometimes don't feel like brushing my teeth, and I have mucus on the back of my throat constantly. I eat meat maybe twice a week and I really want to be free of it because it seems like I pick up on the energy of the animal - just doesn't feel right. I think I've had enough of meat for a while. Also I find if I don't smoke I will need to drink wine, like I said it seems I always need to be on some kind of drug or escapism. I feel relief already just from emailing you all of this. Seriously I have become so negative and cynical about life and people and myself. I really really hope that your program can help me find relief and the answers I am looking for! I have also been sleeping soooo much and feel like I am wasting time! I am not really on a budget, I live in New York City and have access to organic stores and farmers markers. I will spend whatever I need to to fix my situation. Although I also need to save more money and make more money. The more depressed I get the more I seem to be cutting myself off from financial abundance."

Wow! It is easier for me to create an accurate program when a person is honest. So this is what I created for Annon. This is a 7 day program to fulfill Annon's needs and goals. I set her a list of things to do for each day, and sent a document she could print off and then tick it off each day. This is a great way to feel accomplishment throughout the day. After the 7 days we were to touch base again and create another 7 day plan.

1. Drink a juice daily
2. Drink a smoothie daily
3. Drink bentonite clay daily
4. Drink ditamaceous earth daily
5. Drink Phresh Greens daily
6. Drink mangosteen daily
7. Drink a herbal tea daily
8. Eat a salad daily
9. Do a morning meditation - 20 minutes
10. Do a night meditation - 20 minutes
11. Do yoga daily for at least 15 minutes, on 3 days do 60 minutes
12. Write 100 things you are grateful for daily
13. Look at yourself for 10 minutes and think loving thoughts daily
14. Take one supplement daily whether it is Vitamin C, Noni, Echinacea or something positive
15. Brush your teeth daily with organic toothpaste, baking soda or bentonite clay
16. Daily facial care, cucumber, avocado, clay mask, aloe, something
17. Castor oil pack, three times in the 7 days
18. No meat
19. No negative thoughts
20. No alcohol
21. No nail biting
22. No smoking.

Aim: To save your life!

Notes: If you want to eat more throughout the day have a piece of raw fruit, or raw chocolate, or a dessert from a raw vegan cafe like One Lucky Duck and Pure Food and Wine - every ingredient is naturally provided by earth!

Bonus: Relax, go to Central Park, enjoy the rest of summer, take deep breaths in, go see a movie, listen to your favorite youtube videos or music, go to the beach, go upstate!

Annons after her 7 days
"WOW! I started right away. I was thinking of starting it 3 days after you sent it to me so I could get prepared, but I woke up the next day and just naturally did it. Each step I did it started to ease my pain! So I just kept going.

DAY ONE - Was great. I was so relieved, and the fact that you got me to do so many things, it helped take my mind off wanting to smoke and eat other foods. I was full actually from so many liquids. I feel better already. Obviously not getting my hopes up too high as it is day one. I stuck to the plan completely, well actually I did everything except I did not have a juice or smoothie, I did have an excellent salad and dessert a Pure Food and Wine which I know is Earth Diet approved. I did notice I spent most of the day in a good space feeling peaceful, but I did spend 2 hours totally stressed to the max about my living situation and money and relationships. I was able to appreciate the peace that I did have throughout the day. I also did eat some raw chocolate - Noah's raw almond bar that you recommended.

DAY TWO: I did it again! Woo! I did think negative thoughts, I am realizing that one will probably be my biggest challenge! I did everything on the list except for this. I am loving the affirmations, it makes me think wow I have soooo much! But then I don't want to be an idiot and think I have a lot when in reality I don't. But then who decides how much I have, I am confused to whether it is all about perception or not. I am craving smoking a bit, but every time I crave it I do deep breaths and I actually am getting high from breathing! Didn't bite my nails today. PROUD! I also woke up earlier with more energy.

I have been working with Annon now for 2 and a half months and her condition has improved. She has not hurt herself since being on program. Annon has not had junk food since I started working with her, she has smoked less, her nails are better than they have ever been in her life, she says she feels prettier more days than not now, she is more productive and has only been in 2 really low spaces, compared to feeling low every single day. And one thing she realized is that life is easier for her when she sticks to the program, and when she strays she has a harder time. Annon wants to continue to work one-on-one with me until she is well clear from feeling depression and symptoms of bipolar. This is fine, and ultimately everyone would get to a level where they can create their own program, but when people are going through a hard time they need guidance from a loving coach or mentor. I have my own mentors and coaches for my life. It also creates a sense of connection and community with other human beings. I have learned people with depression and bipolar isolate themselves, because they think they are weird and no one can relate to them. People need people to be there for them, and I am a stand for people with depression and bipolar, that they can improve their situation, or even heal it completely, but our aim is to just at least improve it.

I have learned with working with Annon, that someone with depression and bipolar needs a lot of things to keep them active, and keep their mind focused on a healthy plan that they can tick off their achievements daily and feel a sense of accomplishment. When someone with depression and bipolar doesn't have guidance, they can tend to do destructive things and get in a vicious cycle. I have also learned that every single person requires a different and very unique program designed for them only, this is what makes it personalized and this is what makes it work.

If you know someone with depression or bipolar, one of the programs I have designed can really help them. Go here if you want to check it out and complete the questionnaire.

I believe people do not deserve to suffer.

All of the recipes on my website, and in my new book are designed to nourish the body and hence hep with depression and bipolar. If you have loved ones suffering, get them off as many chemicals as possible, and feed them as much nutritious foods and drinks as possible. Give them my book as a gift!

Love Liana

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Andrew lost 57 pounds in 45 days JUICING.

This blog is about the juice recipes in the new Earth Diet book and how Andrew lost 57 pounds in 45 days from juicing!!!

Since April I have been working with Hay House on the new Earth Diet book! Working on the manuscript certainly has been a process! Since this is not a thousand page book, my editor had to cut me off at one point with recipes! Haha! I just wanted to keep adding more and more recipes! It is the recipes after all that are the heart of the Earth Diet and the stars of the show!

We are now in final stages of manuscript before it becomes type set. My job now is to go through the manuscript (I have printed it out and it is gorgeous! Stunning! Bright and crisp interior designs. Fresh!) and to read through it and edit it, find any errors or mistakes. I am up to the Juice recipe section! 

I wanted to share with you the juice recipes that I have included in the new book and why...

There are 10 juice recipes total, and 9 variations, so essentially 19 different juice combinations. And I'm sure you will also come up with your own variations! The juices are: 

1. Beet Juice - of course this one makes the book as it is one of the most powerful blood, liver and bowel cleanses on the planet! If you want to move stuff in your colon this is the one to have. Anything compacted and toxic and stuck to your bowel walls won't be after this juice! 

2. Green Juice - a very famous recipe! Refreshing, so alkalizing and energizing! A must have at least a few times a week! 

3. Celery Juice - I included this juice because its super powerful for weight loss, it's low in calories and very hydrating and alkalizing for the body. 

4. Vegetable Juice - this is a classic veg juice and great for diabetics. Very high in protein too! 

5. Apple Cucumber Ginger Juice - ginger is the buzz word! This is a great juice for cleansing the gall bladder! 

6. Fat Blaster - one of the most used Earth Diet recipes ever! A classic weight mover! Made of orange and grapefruit and lemon it's delicious and refreshing. Can you feel the cellulite melt away? 

7. Apple juice - a very simple one and children love this! 

8. Cherry juice - just so lush! And great for people with gout! 

9. Immune boosting juice - this one was included to help kick off a cold, or to boost the immune system to heal any disease or at least improve it! 

10. Orange juice - a simple classic juice to energize us, boost immunity, load us with Vitamin C and can be made simply with our hands! 

At the beginning of the Juices
Chapter I say "Juicing is the quickest way for us to get a high dose of nutrition immediately." 

Have you had your juice today? 

What is the recommended dose? I recommend every person on the planet have one juice per day, it's essential we all get nutrition so we can function properly and powerfully! Even a lemon water is a form of a juice, squeeze the lemon and now you have juice! 

Health can be simple. Thank goodness for juicing! 

The juices in my new book are designed for these health benefits:
Weight Loss
Digestive Health 
Immune Boosting 
Protein - the vegetable juice is high in protein! 

Here is a success story of Andrew who lost 57 pounds in 45 days from juicing!!! 

Love Liana 

Tips for more PRODUCTIVITY.

339 days to book launch! Today was loaded with nutrients and productivity - this blog has recipes and tips for living a more productive life!

Brilliant day! 

Today: operation Personalized Programs for YOU! 

I started with a giant beet juice! Got to love that great big colon cleanse!
Click on photo for Beet Juice Recipe. 

Then I went to the farmers markets of Fairfield, Iowa! If we cannot grow our own garden, we can rely on our local farmers markets! I got organic cucumbers (ate them for dinner and put the skins on my face for hydration), apples (making Apple Fruit Leathers that are dehydrating right now! Will share recipe soon when I have perfected it!), Ethiopian food which was lentil curry and cabbage and potatoes (super warming), I got some soap that only had 3 ingredients (castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil - blown away at the simplicity - no need for chemicals in soap at all! It's really about how we process it in the making of), lastly I got some rose water spray for my face. Talk about taking care of myself! Yum!

A fitting place to meet my friend and colleague, Emily Rose Shaw, who is actually an Earth Diet Mentor for the Personalized Programs! We went to Cafe Paradiso for Raw Chocolate made by Noah's Rock'n Raw Chocolates but they had sold out! Good for him, not good for us! haha so we went to Everybody's the local organic store and got his chocolate there, along with a green juice and green tea. By this point I am grateful and buzzing on the antioxidants and nourishment I had already consumed in the day.

Click on the photo for Green Juice recipe.

Emily and I talk business for a couple hours. We are excited. The focus is the Earth Diet Personalized Programs. We talk about the clients we mentor one on one, and what people are asking for and what improvements we can make in 2014. We realize that people want to do 3 month, 6 month and 12 month programs rather than a month. People want to feel set up to succeed, and both Emily and I took at least 12 months to really transform our lifestyle using earth's natural means. I was a junk food addict for 5 years, and it took me a 1 year commitment to eat only natural foods to break that vicious cycle and now I am free of it. We also talked about the free monthly webinars we are doing next year to answer people's questions while living the Earth Diet lifestyle. More information and questionnaire for the Personalized Programs here If you really want to create an entirely new relationship with yourself and food, this is the program I designed for people to achieve that. It is working! People are having life changing results. No quick fad either, it is a lifestyle transformation - that sticks!

Then we talk cravings, and what our bodies are wanting! I am craving cashew ice cream with chocolate sauce. And my newest recipe that is a hybrid of cooked onions with cumin and turmeric and then adding fresh raw cilantro, avocado and cucumber! But dessert is always first - for me it works! Emily is craving fish. We decide on what Earth Diet recipes we are going to make and then get the ingredients and head home bound to start creating!

We made a feast of nourishment. YUM. Bliss.

I have been putting together the very first Earth Diet "365 Day Recipe Book"with all the recipes I have shared on the website all year! It is quite a project but I am excited that every recipe will be in one place for our convenience! I will launch this Jan 2014! People who pre-order an Earth Diet book get it for free! People ask me how I am so productive and have energy? I get a lot done every day! I have a daily routine of juice, exercise, breathing, mirror work, affirmations, meditation, lots of nourishing foods, Earth Diet tasks like mentoring people and I get what I need to get done because I love what I do! I even got in 50 minutes of yoga today!!! This video sums a lot of it up!

Today I was faced with a very challenging and painful family issue, someone in the family is very ill, and it is very heartbreaking for my entire family. I realize everyday we are faced with challenges, and it is up to us to love and accept ourselves, the situation, and fuel our bodies with loving nutritious foods - it helps to get through the rough times. I am proud of how I am handling it and my body is energized on high vibe nutrition.

I am excited to send my cousin Bernie who is 7 a package of raw chocolate mini bars for Christmas! Perfect for his lunch box! 

Are you sharing healthy gifts with your loved ones? If you want holiday package ideas here are some I have put together: I also got Bernie a children's book by Louise Hay about positive affirmations. Imagine being 7 and getting raw chocolate and a dose of good thoughts for Christmas! Love it.

Love Liana

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vote for the new book cover!

This blog is about YOU voting for your favorite book cover for the *new* Earth Diet book! Let me know which one you like, A or B? and tell me why! Either comment below, or click on the photo to comment on facebook or email me at

Thank you for contributing! After all it is a book for all of us!

I like both of them, and I really can't decide between the two. I like A because the colors stick in my mind. But I like B because it incorporates a Beet Juice and Green Juice which I am always talking about. B also has the photo of the Chia Seed Cereal as new recipe in the book. I also like B because it shows the simplicity of this lifestyle through herbs and spices. I like the berries in A and I think the colors are more memorable. I really cannot decided. Hay House have done a great job at both designs, and I would be happy with either! None of us could decide which is why we are asking YOU!!!

I am so interested to hear which one is your favorite! Which would you prefer to have on your kitchen bench and see it everyday?

With 341 days to the book launch, it is exciting to be part of this health journey with you all!

Love Liana
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recipe for Classic Cashew Cheesecake!

342 days to book launch! My blog today is about the Earth Diet DAILY RECIPES! Here is the recipe for a very popular Earth Diet "Classic Cashew Cheesecake with Almond Crust".

This is a great holiday recipe, easy to make, and great to take to your friends house! This is a recipe from the new Earth Diet book 2014. 

Total time: 3 hours to soak nuts, 25 minutes preparation, 4 hours freezing

Serves: 16 slices

For the base:
4 cups almond meal 
5 tablespoons maple syrup (or raw honey) 

For the cheesecake filling: 
1/2 cup lemon juice (approx 2 large lemons)
3 cups cashews, soaked in water for 3 hours 
3/4 cup maple syrup (or raw honey)
3/4 cup coconut oil 
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract 
1/8 teaspoon salt 

1. Make the base. In a bowl, combine the almond meal and maple syrup. The mixture should be dry, but moist enough to hold together. Turn the base mixture into a deep pie dish (2 1/2 quarts) and press evenly to cover the bottom and sides of dish. Set aside. 
2. Make the cheesecake filling, put all the ingredients in a powerful blender and blend filling is very smooth and light in texture. There should be no chunks at all. Pour the filling into prepared crust. 
3. Freeze for 4 hours. Once set, cut into slices and serve. 

1. You can make it without soaking the nuts, but soaking makes it creamier and easier to blend. 
2. The cheesecake is ready to eat as soon as you make it, it will be soft and lush once blending is finished, you can always eat it right away, but setting it in the freezer allows it to get hard.
3. You can store this in your freezer for 8 weeks or fridge for 4 weeks - if it lasts that long! 
4. You could use walnuts or macadamia nuts as the base for a crunchier texture.
5. To make a smaller cheesecake halve the recipe. 
6. You can also make mini cheesecakes. 

+ Vegan
+ Refined sugar free
+ Dairy free
+ High in protein
+ Increases energy 
+ High in Anti-oxidants 
+ Can aid weight loss

Nutrition facts: 
Calories: 368 
Total Fat: 28g 
Carbohydrate: 23g
Dietary Fiber: 6g
Protein: 7g

* Every single recipe on this website uses nature’s ingredients, only. Always choose organic, local and seasonal whenever possible.

This recipe was created by Liana Werner-Gray.

Photo thanks to Roxxe NYC Photography at the very first ALL YOU CAN EAT event by The Earth Diet in New York with Liana Werner-Gray. Ingredients thanks to Wild By Nature in Huntington. 

This recipe is part of © 2013 The Earth Diet ™  All Rights Reserved

In January this year I took on a huge commitment and goal to share one brand new recipe every single day for a year! It is now October and I have successfully achieved this! I have created majority of the recipes, and invited guest chefs and Earth Diet mentors Chizelle and Emily to take on a month each of providing recipes! It's brilliant because now there is so much varieties of recipes from meat eaters, to raw vegan, cooked, smoothies, juices, desserts, condiments! There really is something for every type of eater and NO BODY gets left out! At the end of the year I will putting together all of the daily recipes into a "365 day Recipe Book" that will be available to all! People who pre-order the new Earth Diet book will get it for free! Details to come :)

It is so much fun to see what recipe is the RECIPE OF THE DAY! I want to keep it up for years to come, and I have invited some more excellent chefs and Earth Diet mentors to feature their Earth Diet recipes next year 2014, including our CHOCOLATE MAN Noah Loin, who produces the Earth Diet Chocolate Peanut Butter and Almond Cups! He is on Natural News Radio tomorrow with Robert Scott Bell talking about the benefits of cacao! You can tune in live tomorrow Thursday 21st November at 3:30pm EST and the archives will be available to listen online too.

Earth Diet Chocolate is available here:

I was on KRU Radio tonight in Fairfield, it was so much fun! We talked about great Holiday recipes and tips. It will be available to listen next week, I will post details on blog next week.

Love Liana

P.S Here is the RECIPE OF THE DAY from yesterday, it is so irresistible if you are a jam lover, I have to share it haha ENJOY!

This is a new recipe that is in the new Earth Diet book 2014. 

Total time: 15 minutes and refrigeration overnight

Serves: 1 jar, 8 heaping tablespoons  
2 cups of strawberries , diced
1 cup water
1/4 cup chia seeds
1/4 cup maple syrup or honey

1. Place all ingredients into a pot and bring to a boil.
2. Reduce heat to a simmer and stir constantly so the chia seeds do not burn on the bottom of the pot. 
3. When the mixture has reduced by half and has thickened, allow to cool and then place in a glass jar and cool completely before placing in the fridge. It is ready to eat, but you can also refrigerate overnight and the jam will be ready to use the next day.

1.     Use mulberries for Mulberry Seed Jam.
2.     Use blueberries for Blueberry Chia Seed Jam.
3.     Use blackberries for Blackberry Chia Seed Jam.
4.     Use raspberries for Raspberry Chia Seed Jam.
5.     Use ¼ cup each strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries for Mixed Berry Chia Seed Jam.

+ Replacement for jam that has white sugar 
+ refined sugar free! 
+ Aids digestion 
+ Aids weight loss
+ Protein
+ Anti-inflammatory 

* Every single recipe on this website uses nature’s ingredients, only. Always choose organic, local and seasonal whenever possible.

This recipe was created by Liana Werner-Gray.

Photo thanks to Roxxe NYC Photography

This recipe is part of © 2013 The Earth Diet ™  All Rights Reserved