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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 45

Juice for 2: Beet, carrot, celery and ginger :)
Here is a blog journal of the 45th Day on my Customized Health Programs put together by some of
The Earth Diet team.

The programs I am currently taking are for Eating, Exercise and Hypnosis

This is what my day looked like - Sunday May 15th 2011.

Eating Program: 
Morning: Water with lemon.
Next meal: Beet, carrot, celery and ginger juice. 
Next meal: Avocado Mango salad. Ingredients: mango, avocado, black sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon. Recipe HERE
Next meal: Raw Chocolate Brownie. Ingredients: cacao, agave, water, cacao butter, almonds. Recipe HERE.
Next meal: Good burger (Not exactly on The Earth Diet hehe!), a place Roxxe took me to and quite a nice burger place that use 'eco' and green technologies in Manhattan.

Today 3 meals were raw, 1 was cooked ;)

*My program was created to be majority raw, some cooked foods, incorporating meats and vegan meals, juices, cleansing teas/meals/drinks and desserts. All meals use only ingredients that are provided by the earth naturally. When you complete the questionnaire online you can also create it how you want it to be. 

 Exercise Program by Patrick:
Afternoon: Walking in Central Park with Roxxe :)For many hours!

Hypnosis Program by Paul Nguyen:
20 minutes listening to my customized 'Weight Management'

As you perceive something, you give birth to a thought, and this thought now thinks. Now that it exists, now that it has been conjured, now that it has been focused, now it vibrates. Now, by Law of Attraction, other thoughts that are vibrationally same will come to it. So it begins its expansion immediately.Abraham

With love, Liana :)

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