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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why do you eat?

I have been so busy the past few days with clients and health coaching! A common thing showing up in all the sessions are "You want to affirm before eating or drinking anything - that you are doing it to nourish your body." There is no other reason for eating or drinking, not for sabotaging. And if a client does eat junk food and it's done - here is what I recommend - Before or after eating junk food affirm that your intention is to nourish your body so anything you put into it is to do just that! This will help the digestion process. And then have a lemon water and fresh vegetable juice to get rid of those toxins. 

When we always keep in mind that we are eating for nourishment - it changes all our choices.

Here is what I nourished myself with the past few days!

Tuesday morning started with these 3 power drinks! Phresh greens, green tea and bentonite clay! I drank them 20 minutes apart since I had 1 hour breakfast time before leaving out the door! 

Then I went to NY Hair Co for an organic hair treatment! 

After that I had lunch with George founder of Our True Roots - Tiger Nuts. We went to the one and only Pure Food and Wine! Had a huge salad! 

And of course dessert! 

Next it was time for the New's Emmys at Jazz Center Columbus Circle. 

My Emmys snacks were hemp seeds...

And dinner was kale salad, egg plant and salmon. 

Happy, healthy, grateful! 

I slept in Tuesday morning and had this big carb breakfast whole wheat organic toast from Wholefoods and organic peanut butter! 

With a green jasmine tea! Helps with digestion! 

Afternoon snack was tiger nuts! Great travel companion! 

A later afternoon snack was this green juice and snickers cake from One Lucky Duck! So grateful for this place. I had the green juice first. 

I traveled next with One Lucky Duck mint ice cream made with cashews and a dehydrated cookie! This actually ended up being my dinner. 

Breakfast Wednesday morning was this hearty porridge with vitacost honeycomb. Wanted something warm for this season change! 

Lunch was superfood smoothie! My favorite from new book. 

This photo made my day! Debbie won the Earth Diet Transformation giveaway the signed Anita Moorjani Audio! 

For dinner I picked some parsley, sage and thyme from my friends garden. I love this! 

And made black bean pasta with chopped tomatoes and herbs sauce! 

For dessert I made cashew ice cream bites with chocolate on top! Mmm favorite! 

And this was my breakfast also! I got out of bed with excitement when I remembered I had them in the freezer. 

I had Mac n cheese for lunch - recipe in new book! Dairy free and gluten free and amazing! 

Dinner was smoothie!  And hot tub! Nourishing my body in multiple ways! 

Today Saturday I started the day with lemon water and Phresh Greens.

Lunch was a smoothie! 

Dinner I ordered Indian! Veg curry and rice! I craving warmth and spices! 
I also had a lot of coconut this week for snacks!

I'm really happy with how much nutrition I got this week, and how many meals I handmade. Next week more herbal teas, green juice and would like a beet juice too. 

24 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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