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Monday, October 6, 2014

Cleaner protein powder

Daily lesson: Always look for the healthier option. 

Started the day with a lemon water. Felt alkalized.

Then had a Phresh Greens. 

Then had my favorite smoothie! Recipe in new book! 

One of the Earth Diet health coaches posted her son juicing! Isn't this amazing and so inspiring! Imagine starting that young! 

Afternoon snack! Green juice in Central Park NYC. 

I was appalled to find out about the protein powder my friend was taking! So I have him this one I had on hand thanks to Vitacost! Pea Protein! Totally clean - just peas! 15g protein not bad! If you have protein powder with preservatives it makes the body inflamed and acidic. Happy my friend is now drinking a healthier product! 

Dinner was porridge! To warm my body in this fall weather. With coconut sugar! 

Second dinner was black bean pasta with truffle oil, thyme from garden and real salt and pepper. 

Dessert some raw chocolate! 

Excited about the people who are signing up to become an Earth Diet ambassador to help with the book launch! I wish everyone was here with me now and we would have a big food party and enjoy and laugh and love and create an epic plan! 

22 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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  1. look delicious but i have a question, can i use rice protein to make this recipe? thanks