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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Healthy birthday party

Started the day with ginger and green tea with raw chocolate. This excited me to get out of bed on a cosy overcast fall day in New York. 

My day started with the Navel Expo Event in Huntington! 17 days to book launch! 

Was so much fun Maria's Marlowe birthday party tonight. 

She's a healthy one who promotes natural lifestyle and has been featured on Dr Oz, Shape magazine, Ivanka Trump and the Daily Love. 

This was my gift to her... The IAM Bliss chakra spray! 

The evening started with a green juice - thank you Organic Avenue. 

Enjoyed it with a beautiful view of manhattan and Brooklyn. 

This is Maria's fridge! 

Healthy ladies. 

Vegan sushi from Pure Food and Wine, and quinoa and those patties are made with juice fiber. 

The birthday cake - made by Baby Cakes - vegan and gluten free. 


Appreciate your friends - especially the healthy ones. Love you Maria! 

Love Liana 

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