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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blood test today! :)

Today I had a live blood test to check the state of my health. Last time I had blood checked was in 2009 when I was really sick with disorderly eating, pre-cancerous tumor and digestive issues. My blood back then represented sickness, low immunity, verge of leukemia, parasites... And now it is "beautiful blood" that is healthy and perfect no sign of disease of illness. Some cells did show dehydration though which shows me to up my intake of water and also greens. Very happy with the results.Talk about health transformation! 

For breakfast I had a Phresh greens drink. 

Lunch was a beet juice from Mothers Market New York. Really beet! With cucumber and celery as a base, and parsley. Super cleansing. 

Had fun buying these amazing snacks from Mothers market. This was afternoon meal. 

Also enjoyed some coconut milk ice cream! Chocolate peanut butter! 

I was so grateful to spend the later afternoon in nature - with a beautiful blue sky and sun shining!  Hiked for 4 hours to the Top Of The World in Laguna beach! 

Was a treat to exercise for 4 hours in nature! 

Dinner was Mediterranean - rice with vegetables, organic chicken and salad. 

Drank lots of water today! 

10 days to book launch!

Hay House family,

Love Liana 

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