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Monday, October 20, 2014

Healthy and on-the-go

For us who live busy lives we make healthy work the best we can! There are great tips and tools, as well as healthy on-the-go foods to be successful at having a career and our health! 

The past couple days were busy getting ready for book launch.  

Monday was mostly spent on my computer sending emails. Also did an hour radio interview on Jessica Ortner's show that will air next Tuesday on 

I started the day with a lemon water. And then a Phresh greens. Powerful way to start the day by alkalizing the body and giving it so much nutrition. 

Then I had my favorite California snacks! That's it bars have just 2 ingredients! Really amazing. 

I ate whole foods for lunch - avocado and nectarine. Healthy fast food! 

I made sure to take a break in the evening for a one hour workout - I went walking outside and also a bike ride. Felt very refreshed after exercise. 

Dinner was chicken nuggets - recipe from the new book! 

I ate mine with grapes - great combo! 

I started Tuesday with a beet and green juice again! Such a great way to start the day! 

For lunch I was traveling to San Diego and so I had these travel snacks! Vega chocolate peanut butter bar, the That's It bars and Nibmor chocolate! 

I went on Fit Life TV with host Drew Canole - who is so amazing! 

We made a recipe from the new Earth Diet book with lemon, ginger and cloves - immune boosting, pain reliever and antiinflammatory! 

After filming we went to Sol Cal a new healthy organic juice and food cafe! Left is owner Jacob and Anne is the chef! 

Enjoyed the most amazing gluten free waffles made with almond flour, with coconut cream! Drew had a quinoa burger! 

First time trying this new raw chocolate brand! I love the packaging! The chocolate is amazing too! One of the ingredients is a bit strange though - purple corn extract. 

This is what foodies do! Take photos of the food to share with you all before we eat! Haha! 

I came back to my California base and had an amazing package delivery from Vitacost! They delivered overnight so now I am going to make a huge batch of chocolate peanut butter cups ;) also got these beautiful flowers from Howard CEO Phresh Products. Grateful. 

Dinner was green tea and a spoon of peanut butter! 

This is my goal!

7 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

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