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Friday, October 24, 2014

Radio day, RAW and chocolate in California

A day of nourishing and taking care.

Early morning start for my radio show every Thursday 8am Pacific - California time. 

Had a bentonite clay. And a lemon water. 

Then a I had a peanut butter cup and an almond butter cup.

Notes from the Earth Diet book - today's radio show was focused on RAW. 

Stack of books! Every week on radio I am giving away so many great healthy things! :))) 

Signing books was so fun. Very grateful. 

Lunch was my go-to snack bars in California! That's it bars - made with two ingredients, my favorite the apricot and apple. With a vega chocolate peanut butter protein bar - new product they have cleaner ingredients! 

When asked "what do I really want?" I came to the conclusion that what I really want is to feel health at every single moment. That feeling of health we all know :) I can notice when I am out of health and then be able to bring myself back to it. 

Watched 10 Questions for Dalai Lama documentary - amazing. Inner peace and discipline. 

My clients are also friends! Today I had a coaching session with John! He just got his copy of the new book in! 

Still loving this moment from yesterday with Jill at Malibu Pier! 

Night time hot tub and study of the Earth Diet book! Used this time for physical exercise also. 

Had coconut milk chocolate peanut butter ice cream for dessert. 

Next Tuesday is book launch!!! OMG!!!! :)))) 

Love Liana 


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