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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Malibu earth diet day

Keeping in mind this, 

Woke up and saw this online :) green juice - best way to start the day! 

Breakfast! I love this Vitacost brand because: it has one ingredient; peanuts! And it's so smooth! With some raw chocolate.

Healthy Chocolate peanut butter combo...

Lunch at Malibu Pier... 

With one of the HEALTHIEST women I know!!! 

At Farm To Pier ... On Malibu Pier. They get ingredients from Malibu pier - it was amazing! 

And they grow their own on location! Wow! 

Company was excellent :) weather was amazing. Blue skies and sunshine. 

Green juice - apple and kale. Super sweet and very refreshing! 

With Jill !!! My beautiful friend who is healthy and eats amazing! Jill DeJong is founder of Models Do Eat and has been featured in Women's Health, Nike, Ralph Lauren etc. 

Lunch was amazing! 

Grass fed burger. And salad with grilled chicken. Protein lunch. With organic ketchup. 

Grateful moments! Today I counted my blessings. We also saw a beautiful seal today in the ocean! Gratitude creates health in the body instantly, real gratitude, like I was grateful it was sunny today - not snowing. Grateful for the company of Jill really beautiful energy, grateful for the amazing food and drink I had today - so clean and fresh! Grateful for the 2 clients I did one-on-one coaching today! Grateful for the Earth Diet Health Coaches and Ambassadors!!! 

California traffic was like 2.5 hours of phone calls and conversations! Haha! 

Dinner was Chocolate Peanut Butter cups! Recipe in the new book! :) 

My radio show tomorrow (every Thursday at 11am EST) is focused on RAW FOODS. Guest: Carol Alt ! Call ins are fun! :) 

Early morning for me - getting nourishment through sleep now. #radio show tomorrow! Every Thursday at 8am California time. Start the morning #healthy #carolalt is my guest on tomorrow's #RAWFOOD segment!   #theearthdiet book launch 

6 more days to book launch! :) wow 6 days - can you believe it?! It's been a long time coming!  ;))) :)

Started today with a radio interview with UK Health Radio - No it was Monday from JessicaOrtner's  when asked what motivates me .... What motivates me is this feeling of health that feels really good :) 

Love Liana 

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