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Friday, October 10, 2014

The power of magnesium

Today started with a health coaching call with one of my excited clients who just discovered the power of magnesium. Really cool. She writes a daily blog 

When we are deficient with magnesium we can find it hard to relax and lose weight. We are often stressed and anxious. Magnesium relaxes our body and makes us feel so so good. When we are nourished with magnesium we can sleep like a baby! Foods that include magnesium are cacao powder (raw chocolate), Brazil nuts, dark leafy greens like kale, pumpkin seeds, cashews, flaxseeds, fish for meat eaters, bananas and strawberries. If you wonder why you crave chocolate so much - you could be craving the magnesium and that feel good sensation. 

I had a huge glass of alkaline water - I said thank you and appreciated clean beautiful water. 

Then had back to back coaching another client who is treating her MS. When treating MS eat a lot of foods with amino acids like quinoa, peanuts, Brazil nuts and eggs and fish for meat eaters. And lots of water! My client is on a total health plan for it that incorporates much more. 

Then I made my usual superfood smoothie! 

After that I had a couple tablespoons of hemps seeds for some protein. 

Then I had some meetings and later went to NY Hair Co to get my hair done organically ;) event tomorrow - the Navel Walk in Huntington. 

NY Hair Co always have fresh flowers - and a little note about how they are green and sustainable! 

It's amazing how we can live in a modern world and be able to live a natural lifestyle. 

I was so happy to spot this sunflower in NYC! Because its fall but it has been so beautiful and sunny. 

Dinner was green juice from Juice Generation. Pure energy and medicine I love it. 

Second dinner was lemon rice with peanuts in Central Park. Magical. 

Dessert treas from Westerly market! Rice milk ice cream and Noah's Raw Chocolate! I ate the ice cream and was fulfilled so saving the chocolate for tomorrow! 

My second dessert was grapefruit juice! 60% vitamin C. 

18 days to book launch!

Feeling happy. Love Liana 

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