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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Peace food

Today's lesson: Eat foods that leave us feeling peaceful! 

Peaceful foods includes ingredients that are whole, plant based and in harmony with nature, and provide our body with proper nourishment through nutrition. 

Foods that leave us feeling chaotic and stress the body included preservatives, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, aspartame, corn syrup, refined sugar, refined flour and GMOs! 

Today I had the opportunity to have dinner with the beautiful Maria Marlowe (As seen on Dr Oz, The Daily Love and Ivanka Trump), and we went to one of our favorite places in New York City: Peacefood Cafe! There are two locations, one uptown (Upper West Side) and one downtown. 

Peacefod cafe is totally plantbased/vegan and serves raw and cooked options! Peter the owner came by and said hello and mentioned that he and a partner started the concept of Peacefood when they turned vegan and wanted to create an environment to meet other vegans - as well as serve really delicious and healthy foods! I am so proud of him and his team - they have done a really great job! 

Maria and I started with the Energize juice! Beet juice! This felt so cleansing. Juice gives instant energy it's really amazing the power of juice.

All of their water is triple filtered by the way. 

Then we had the famous CHICKPEA FRIES. These are epic - and you can order them baked or fried. Fries made from chickpeas! 

Next I had the wonton soup - so amazing and fulfilling, it's been years since I had wonton since most places only serve it with GMO ingredients - no thanks! 

The setting in Peacefood Cafe is cosy, magical and well... Peaceful! 

Dessert time is always the best! We had a slice of the divine cashew cheesecake! Cheesecake lovers have got to love this - delicious flavor PLUS antioxidants and nutrition! 

And then we had to try their huge 2 layered chocolate cake. 

Their entire dessert selection is impressive. Can you believe these are all plant based? 

Dining at Peacefood is not expensive - you can eat for 2 people at around $50 including drink, dinner and dessert! 

When in NYC it is a MUST! Nourish your body with peace and deliciousness. 

19 days to book launch! - Love Liana 

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