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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cleaning out the kitchen! All chemical food is out!

I went through my clients (With my being a health mentor) refrigerator to help her with a spring cleanse! She is committed to transforming her health, losing weight and living the Earth Diet. So I pulled 27 items from the fridge that are not approved in living this natural lifestyle.

Lets talk about why these are getting thrown away and never purchased again.

Starting from left to right, 

1. The dog treats are riddled with chemicals and toxic ingredients including corn syrup Nd natural flavors and sodium bisulfate. It also has dried cultured skim milk. Seeing just one of those ingredients is a reason to throw it away. 

2. The dark chocolate has corn (GMO) and soy lecithin (also GMO).

3. The pickled asparagus has sugar. On the Earth Diet we eat natural sugars from fruit, and honey or maple syrup to sweeten things. Not sugar as sugar causes acidity in the body and weight gain. Oh and it weakens the immune system as soon as entering the body! 

4. The mayonnaise has soy bean oil (GMO) as well as natural flavors. Yeah ok what natural flavors? Anyways anything that is GMO gets thrown out immediately. 

5. The Worcestershire sauce has sugar, salt (with preservatives) and natural flavorings. Out. 

6. The balsamic vinegar has caramel color and sulfites. Immediate inflammation in the body... No thanks! 

7. The chili garlic wok sauce has soy (GMO), sugar, more soy, cornstarch (more GMO), caramel color, more sugar and more cornstarch. Scary how they list so many toxic ingredients repeatedly! 

8. The horse radish unfortunately has salt (with preservatives), unless it says organic salt it's no good! And also has flavorings (chemicals).

9. The fig tahini salad dressing has caramel color and sugar. 

10. The go veggie vegan parmesan cheese has soy (great more GMO!), maltodextrin (toxic chemical) and tricalcium phosphate. 

11. The raspberry seafood sauce has sugar, caramel color, corn syrup and natural flavorings. 

12. Steak sauce has corn syrup and preservatives including potassium sorbate. This is an unacceptable ingredient in our food! 

13. Teriyaki sauce has soy (GMO), canola oil and sugar. 

The second lot, from left to right:

14. The curry paste has soy bean oil (GMO), sugar and acetic acid. 

15. The pickled ginger is worse than I thought! It contains sugar, Citric acid, FD&C Red #40 (pretty sure I saw that ingredient in nature once haha... NOT!!!), and potassium sorbate! Ingredients for a disaster in the body! 

16. Pickled dill chips has salt, sodium benzoate, natural flavorings, poky sorbate 80, and yellow 5.

As a general rule any ingredient with a number is a chemical created in a lab aka genetically modified! 

17. The flowers in syrup, sounds like a great idea with hibiscus flowers, but it's ruined because it is marinated in sugar. 

18. The mustard sauce has soy bean oil (GMO) and salt.

19. The pickled crispy snap peas has sugar And salt. Remember salt is good if it is organic, then it provides the body with nutrition! 

20. More pickled ginger has sugar and salt. 

21. The pickled watermelon rind has corn syrup so it's immediately out! It also has benezoate of soda! 

22. The balsamic vinaigrette has sugar, salt and natural flavor... And sulfites. 

23. The mustard with horseradish has salt, citric acid and preservative potassium metabisulfite. 

24. The balsamic glaze has corn starch (GMO) and thickener preservative E415. 

25. The tartar sauce has soy bean oil, sugar and natural flavorings. 

26. The pickled beans has salt and sugar. 

27. The sweet relish has corn syrup and preservatives including sodium benzoate.

Check your kitchen, freezer, fridge and cupboards, if you have any of these in your home best to throw them out! If you feel bad about throwing them away, give them to a food bank or charity who can appreciate them. 

In my new book I have a list of "Unacceptable Ingredients" that you can refer back to whenever your not sure about an ingredient. 

But the rule is simple: any ingredients that you don't know what they are... Mostly likely they don't come from nature! 

209 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

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