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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Foods for concentration and focus

Foods that nourish our brains and provide it with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, are great for improving focus and concentration.

Oppositely, foods that aren't helpful for concentration are ones that deprive our bodies of nutrition. Processed foods. 

Here are some foods to incorporate for improving focus and concentration: 
Drink Ginkgo biloba daily until it just doesn't resonate with you. After your body has had a high dose it naturally won't want it!

Also what works is fish, especially salmon, berries, ginseng, avocado, quinoa, cacao (real chocolate)! 

Eat these foods daily until you feel an improvement!

Here are 4 recipes: 
1. Chocolate Avocado Mousse

2. Baked Salmon (with Walnut Crust)

3. Quinoa with avocado and strawberries

4. Berry Smoothie

Ideally if you can eat only natural foods for the rest of your life you know your taking care of your body and living your healthiest life. Processed foods that have chemicals, refined sugar and flour will deprive your body of nourishment and nutrition and can do the opposite of what you want to achieve more focus and memory! The chemicals and preservatives in processed foods can weaken memory!!

Let me know how you go with these! 

I got this research from the following resources: Dr Robert Young, Dr Brian Clements, Julie Daniluk, Natural News, and my own experiences. 

7 months to book launch! 

Love Liana 

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