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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nothing in life is at a standstill

Use this to assist breaking and ending an addiction or over eating habit. "A reminder that nothing in life is at a standstill - this is a world of constant flux, and one thing is for certain: Everything changes." John Holland 

This is for you if you are going through mental or physical conflict. If you feel addicted to food, or a habit like over eating and binge eating. If you have bulimia and feel you cannot stop. If you are scared to eat, not sure what to eat, just in a state of confusion and if you are craving clarity and health. 

If your reading this message right now, you could take it as a sign that you are being called to action. "The time is now when you may have to face your worst fears and look into the dark shadows of your soul. You must learn to confront what you've avoided and walk courageously through it. Always know that life naturally revitalizes itself and as it does, so do you." 

There is light at the end of a tunnel. We must remember that as we battle an addiction, or what might seem like an addiction to food or substance like drugs and alcohol. 

John Holland promises us "That there's light at the end of a tunnel. Recognize that by no longer denying your past and letting the years fall, you'll discover the diamonds in the treasure chest of your soul.This is a cleansing process to wash away and clear out what was once avoided, ignored, or pushed aside." 

It might be quite intense for you right now, your thoughts may go back and forth into doubt and love, doubt and love.

You are in control during this time, you get to choose what you do next and what delicious meal you can make for yourself.  Take care of yourself one meal at a time. Know how important it is to feed your body goodness during this time. 

Earth Diet recipes can assist you in this period of change, sensitivity and healing. They are free to download and print. We want everyone to have access to free health. 

These recipes will make you feel so good about yourself and the eating time will be about nourishment, and not self denial of over eating. 

The recipes are open into categories:
Desserts (most popular)
Raw Vegan 
Meat Eaters 

Today I made raw cookie dough, and fruit roll ups - it's like having my own candy. The best thing is how much nutrition I am getting! There is just one ingredient in the fruit roll ups: pears! And the cookie dough is made with cashews, vanilla, salt, honey and cacao nibs! Just divine! 

Remember there is a recipe for everyone! 

With love, Liana
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