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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top 14 favorite quotes

These 14 healthy quotes: 

1. "It's impossible to live a natural lifestyle and be overweight." 

2. "I choose to have a great life! No matter what."

3. "Think before each meal, am I getting nutrition from this?" 

4. "It really is never too late to change your health. You could be 80 years old and want a taste of health!" 

5. "We are living in a time when we can have our cake and eat it too!" 

6. "If we are getting nutrition from our desserts, that is the ultimate! Something that is delicious while also packed with nutrients." 

7. "Go through your cupboards and clean out the chemicals and processed foods. Swap them for healthier alternatives."

8. "If you feel like chocolate, eat chocolate! If you feel like cheesecake, eat cheesecake." 

9. "You will see that eating this way immediately boosts our immune system, makes us feel better and have more energy." 

10. "You just always do the best at doing your best!" 

11. "Tony Robbins said that no obstacle on the planet can stop us. I agree! Doesn't matter how sick you are you can always find peace!" 

12. "It's common sense that if we eat better we feel better!"

13. "Count calories! Not chemicals!"

14. "There are some foods that are unacceptable to the body."

From my new book. 
7 months to book launch. 

Love Liana! 

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