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Friday, April 11, 2014

How I gave myself the greatest gift today on my birthday 27th!

Today turning 27 was such a highlight! I woke up in the morning with slight heaviness about the situation, and soon realized there is no pressure at all. I am going from 26 to 27, and I suddenly had this light bulb moment: I HAVE MY HEALTH! and If I have my health... I have everything!!! So anything else I 'gain' or 'get' in this life is just a bonus! I realized I am so happy and content and at peace with my life much because of my inner and outer health. This really is a new perspective transformation for me. I realize this new perspective is a choice, and now I choose this over and over and over again. I am so so so fulfilled with the idea that I have my health, so I have everything!!!

There was once a time in my life when I did NOT have my health! I was 21 - and very very sick - a tumor in my throat the size of a golf ball, a sluggish lymphatic system, glandular fever, doctors wanted to diagnose me with chronic fatigue - I had very low energy. and oN TOP of all that... I was addicted to junk foods! ahjhhh! And I would binge every few days on so much junk food that I would feel so so so sick - and was suffering. During this time I made ONE WISH over and over again - to be free of addiction to junk food - and to be healthy. All I wanted was to be healthy. That was my entire focus. I often said to myself, if I can just get my health back, and feel really good again from the inside out, and look good and vibrant - then I will forever be grateful for the rest of my life!

So you see I really have no reason to ever not be satisfied again! ;) Provided that I maintain health! And with living the Earth Diet lifestyle this is totally doable!

Today was about taking care of myself. I had a lovely nourishing sleep in! And then woke up and made a lemon water, and then had a great green juice with turmeric - awesome way to start the day! Then I headed to Wild By Nature with a friend where we got supplies for my birthday dinner! Then we went to Avalon park on Long Island - and experienced heaven on earth! Such a gorgeous day in the sunshine, bright blue skies and a beautiful spring day in NY! I was so grateful to be in nature, hiking, walking and playing for hours. A little 5 year old girl spotted us and ran over to us, she thought I was a teenager because I was vibrant with energy! I explained to her I am now 27 - a 'teenage adult' hehe! Then I mediated for a couple hours, and then made a birthday dinner for myself and friends! Yes I wanted to make it - because making food is such a gift and I enjoy it so much! I made burgers - earth diet style ;) After dinner I spent the next several hours replying to all my birthday messages and now doing this blog!

Earth Diet Burgers recipe free on the website - and also in the new book!

A beautiful package arrived from Raw Chocolate Man

I have a lot of free chocolate recipes available to you on my website! And also for sale if you just want to buy them!

And I got some funny birthday cards from a friend and client who is grateful I am assisting her in losing weight and transforming her health!

If you would like to get me a present pre-order a copy of my new book The Earth Diet, and give it to someone you care about! Then it can be from me and you! Or give it to yourself :) It is full up healthy recipes that can contribute so much nourishment and fun eating experiences in your life! Giving health is my greatest gift!

Book pre-order on amazon:
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Today also The Earth Diet launched it's first MEMBERSHIP! I am so excited about this! Members get access to a private facebook group where myself and the other Earth Diet mentors are there to assist you in achieving your health goals! We chat, answer your questions and find you recipes and tips! Members also get access to download absolutely every e-program and guide we offer! And members get unlimited email correspondence with myself and the Earth Diet team! Plus are first to hear about updates, new recipes and tips! More details here:

I am ending the day on these notes:

Whenever I notice that I am not at peace, I can smile and remember I have health! 

Always remembering that I am joy going to more joy, health is a process!

And that I have much to look forward to including being back in Australia in 2015 on the Earth Diet book tour! 

Now after a great long day - I am going to enjoy a nice hot hot-tub!

Love Liana!

7 months to book launch!!!

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