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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gratitude to cause health - write down 50 things you are grateful for

Dr Bruce Lipton is just one of the scientists and doctors who agree that when we are in a space of gratitude, our bodies are much healthier, as the cells are bathed in positivity. This morning I woke up in a bit of a funk, and didn't feel good. I don't like staying in this space for too long, so I want to get out of it! I had a green juice, and made a cashew cheesecake with a cherry twist! Doing those certainly made me feel better. So now I want to enhance it with writing a list of 50 things I am grateful for, perhaps the first 50 that come to mind.

1. I am warm and making green tea. 
2. I am going to hike in nature this afternoon! 
3. I get to feel peaceful and energized in nature! 
4. Soon it is summer and it will be so so so delightfully hot! And steaming hopefully! 
5. I am grateful for the hot tubs I had this week and I appreciate relaxing and getting so much goodness into my body!
6. I'm grateful for the 2 saunas I had the past week which really relaxed me totally 
7. I am grateful that I can find peace in any moment by reconnecting and remembering 
8. I am grateful for the cherry smoothie with cacao and almond butter ohhh my favorite yum!!! 
9. I am grateful to be in a clean and comfortable and loving home 
10. I am grateful that if people judge me I can always just give them love back 
11. I am grateful for lessons that taught me not to do that again!!! Haha!!! 
12. I am grateful for the sun 
13. I am grateful for technology and the way we can make foods with it!!! 
14. I am so so grateful for this beautiful earth for growing and nurturing so much!!!! 
15. I am grateful to be moving forward constantly 
16. I am grateful for the birds and the butterfly's and dragonflies!
17. I am grateful to move and exercise my body!
18. I am so grateful for music! 
19. I am so grateful for the loving awesome people who live on earth! 
20. I am so grateful I can always choose love, if feels so much better than fear! 
21. I am grateful for fear as it teaches me what love is!
22. I am grateful for faith in a heaven 
23. I am grateful for the crystal blue waters 
24. I am grateful for the white white sands!
25. I am grateful for my shower! 
26. I am grateful for the dishes and for the stars! 
27. I am grateful to be standing in the sun right now!
28. I am grateful it's my birthday next week and ill get to eat party food chocolate!!! 
29. I am excited about making chocolate Easter eggs!!!! :) !!!! 
30. I am excited to wear overalls in summer!
31. I am grateful that I am safe 
31. I am grateful I've written 31 of these haha!!!! Ok 19 more! 
32. I am grateful that I am feeling better 
33. I am grateful that I am healthy 
34. I am grateful that I can always reconnect whenever I choose !!!!
35. I am grateful that love exists as an option! Haha!
36. I am grateful that I am healing 
37. I am grateful that I am becoming more and more me 
38. I am grateful to see certain people again!!! :) 
39. I am grateful to be pain free 
40. I am grateful to be relaxed and getting more relaxed haha!
41. I am grateful for energy to do what I need to do 
42. I am grateful for multi tasking haha!
43. I am grateful for puppies!
43. I am grateful for lemon! And ginger!
44. I am grateful I can be at home and be at ease no matter what or who is around me 
45. I am grateful for the source of energy that connects all of us! 
46. I am grateful if anyone ever judges me I still be at peace and at ease and I can always come back to love 
47. I am grateful that we all have great things to look forward to!
48. I am grateful for the healthy ones! 
49. I am grateful for my friends and for you reading this! :) ! 
50. I am grateful to rather be here than not.

I just noticed I did an extra one - two 31's! haha! More gratitude is better than less.

(I'm also holding my phone parallel to my eyes so I don't get lines on my neck! At certain times while writing the list I went back to "habit behaviors" and held my phone down. And then soon remembered my new pose") 

Beautiful part of earth! :) 

Since writing those 50 things I now feel reconnected! Sweet! Well more reconnected! Now going to nature to get even more connected and to energize! :) 

Love Liana :) ! 

Book launch is in 206 days! :) 

I will post the recipe of the day on the website this evening! :) !!!! :) ! :) !!!! 

As John Lennon plays in the background!!!! "you may say I'm a dreamer but not the only one."... And the world will be as one!" 

And all the food will be organic!!! 

Haha! :) 

Peace, love and healthy food! :) 


Tomorrow I have a Big Brunch planned! A variety of food! Excited to share photos and recipes with you tomorrow! Tomorrow catering for all types of eaters!!! :) aged 27 to 64! 

So try writing down 50 things your grateful for, for health!!! :) !!! 

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