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Thursday, April 17, 2014

When feeling down here is some positivity and inspiration

When I am having a bad moment and really want to feel better, I listen to some of these inspiring stories and people on Youtube. Immediately there is some relief, as these stories are full of love, hope, inspiration, conscious and joy. Sometimes I will listen to them for hours until I am fully past being stuck in a rut. 

As Tony Robbins says "There is no obstacle on the planet that can stop you. Period."
His videos are great to have in the background at work as he emanates energy and positivity - you can't help but feel better and more empowered! "Tiny change means big results"

Eckhart Tolle talks about being present and conscious - no matter what. He talks about pain and suffering and how to go beyond it. "How to live without stress in your day to day life."

Anita Moorjani was in a coma and had a near death experience that changed her life. She had 24 tumors the size of lemons and realized that her consciousness could shift everything. To this day she is alive and well. She gives hope to all people with tumors, cancer and life threatening disease. "Dying To  Be Me" Doctors gave her just hours to live...

The Miracle Man was a 'vegetable' after crashing his plane. Doctors said he would be paralyzed for life and was even on a breathing machine. He used his mind to rebuild his body and is alive and sharing his story of transformation today. He gives us all hope when we think there is none. "A positive thinker can achieve anything in life."

Esther Hicks - Abraham gives us permission to be joyous and encourages us to raise our vibration. "The easiest way to start positivity..."

Doreen Virtue focuses on angels, love, heaven and light. For when all we need to hear and feel is light. "Moving forward on your life purpose."

Bruce Lipton gives a scientific approach on how we can take control of our health and lives. "Biology of Belief"


Love Liana 
194 days to book launch. 

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