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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why I wrote the Earth Diet book!

The main point of the Earth Diet book is to help people transform their health through this natural lifestyle. 

I wrote the book originally because you guys were asking me to! I had written in my blog (this blog) every single day since I started "The Earth Diet Challenge" to eat only foods that earth provided naturally for 365 days! So after a year of blogs, and recipes you asked me to share everything in a book!

I had no idea how to get a book published, but I knew I wanted to make one on recycled paper so I went to a local New York printing company (Viking Solutions) and had them make it! 

I believe my story is unique because firstly of my upbringing, and then because of my own healing journey.

My father is a chef, and my mother is a terrific gardener, and together they made me! I grew up majority of my life in Outback Australia, in Alice Springs! A lot of my friends were aboriginal people and from a young age I was taught how to survive from nature. 

Then when I finished school I moved to Brisbane City where I started to live a convenient lifestyle and became addicted to junk foods. Every day I would tell myself I won't eat junk foods tomorrow, I'll start again tomorrow. Tomorrow never came I just fell into a vicious cycle of junk food eating! 

Then one day the wake up call of my life happened! A tumor popped in my throat! It was the size of a golf ball! I knew if I changed my lifestyle to a natural one that I could heal myself without using conventional medicine or treatments like surgery or radiation. So in 3 months of juicing, raw foods, natural foods, natural treatments and no junk food the tumor was gone! 

Since that experience I have dedicated my life to sharing this story with the world and helping other people to live a natural lifestyle. 

I hope readers will use this book as access to having the health they want. 

I also hope readers use it as their complete guide to living using earths natural ingredients! I do believe my new book is complete, and has all the tools you need to know how to live powerfully and naturally. It comes with recipes and tips and health education that you will know for the rest of your life. 

The new book is out in 271 days!

Love Liana 

:) !!!! :))) !!!!! :))) !!!!!!!! :) !!! 


  1. Thanks for telling us about the Earth Diet book, will keep an eye out for it. Thanks also for the great info you give us in this blog.