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Friday, January 10, 2014

Never Too Late - Here I prove it

Today I spoke to Debbie who is a client I am mentoring. We started working together and on December 1st she launched a daily blog called "Debbie Saves Her Life". Debbie hired me as her mentor in October 2013 because she has been obese for over 30 years and has heart disease (has had one heart attack) and also has diabetes. You could say she was in bad shape and she desperately  wanted to get healthier, feel better and enjoy the rest of her life. She is 61 years old. I admire Debbie for her courage and strength to love a natural lifestyle every day and then write about her experience. She hasn't given up. Debbie is determined to lose weight and feel better! She says writing a daily blog has given her excitement as she feels she has a purpose in life and hopes to get better and to also help others. 

It really is never too late and we really can't ever be too sick to take the first step to health.

You can read her blog directly at

Perhaps you want to share your experience with others too? 

Love Liana 

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