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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Are you frustrated about not losing weight?

There has not been one person who has applied the Earth Diet lifestyle correctly and NOT lost weight. It is impossible. 

Losing weight can be simple. I said "can be". If you understand it and know the formula, you will know that you can lose weight whenever you want to. If you don't it can be extremely frustrating and tiresome. Everyone knows to lose weight simply eat less and exercise more, but majority of people don't do that... Why? 

What I've experienced working with a lot of people to lose weight is this:

- People don't want to starve themselves to lose weight 
- People don't want to suffer a lot to lose weight 
- People don't want give up their favorite tastes, textures and flavors... Understandable. 
- People think they are just unlucky and have to live overweight for the rest of their lives.
- People think I hate this I want it to be easier why do I have to go through this. 

If you feel like you have tried everything and want to give up and say that you will forever have a weight issue here are 3 things to always remember at those times:

1. "Every failure brings with it a seed of an equivalent success." Napoleon Hill
2. You haven't tried everything ;) because it is possible. Many have done it and so can you. Know that when you "find the right way" you will lose the weight and feel much better. 
3. Remember it is a process. You can lose a little bit each week, and that weight can stay off forever. 

Once you fully embrace the Earth Diet lifestyle it is much harder for you to gain excess weight that you don't need. Your body is in harmony with nature and at its natural weight. 

Two things I recommend you do:

1. After reading the new Earth Diet book, I don't think you will still be frustrated about losing weight. I wrote my book in a way to give you all the tools you need for life. To lose weight naturally and happily. Once people get the philosophy of eating from nature, and then set up their homes to support that, everyone loses weight. 

2. Sign up for my Group Mentoring program. Every month we get together and answer your questions. Having a mentor helps and is a way for you to achieve your results, like actually make them a reality not just a dream. As your mentor I help you see things in your lifestyle that could be causing you weight gain, and then give you ideas, tips and tools to apply so you can be successful with health. 

You just never never never give up. Failure is not an option unless you say it is. No matter how tough it gets you keep going. It does get easier after time goes by and you have been in action. That is the good news, it does get easier and easier and better. Faith will help you get through those heavy times. 

Love Liana 

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