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Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm giving TWO MORE PEOPLE a mentor for 1-year!

Hi everyone! We announced the winner of the 1-year Mentor BUT due to the MASSIVE responses received, I am giving TWO MORE AWAY! If you already entered, here is what to do next, listen to my FREE WEBINAR on Monday January 13th and email me and tell me your favorite tip that I gave during the webinar and one that you will apply to your life this year. To register for the webinar go

Tell me your fav tip by Jan 18th and we announce 2 new additional winners on 22nd January. You will receive your mentor that day for 1 whole year! I realized how people create powerful results for their health when they have a mentor! So I am excited to be able to provide two more people with this opportunity.

About the webinar (as seen on the Hay House website): Liana Werner-Gray in conversation with Julie Daniluk Nutrition , R.H.N. "Living a Powerful Natural Life That You Love"
Featured on: January 13, 2014
Exercise Included

In this practical and motivating conversation, Liana Werner-Gray, creator and author of The Earth Diet, talks with nutritionist Julie Daniluk, author of Meals That Heal Inflammation, about living a powerful natural life. Liana describes her own journey, from secretly living on junk food for years and the appearance of a tumor in her throat, through her commitment to eating natural foods for 365 days and the healing she experienced. Just as she does on her website and in her book, Liana shares easy-to-implement tips for making the switch to a healthier way of life. She focuses on replacing foods you crave with nutritious alternatives, teaches you how to listen to your body with a simple and effective exercise, and provides quick recipes to get you started on a vibrant new path today!

Liana Werner-Gray is an advocate for natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle. After healing herself of many health conditions through embracing a natural lifestyle, she developed her website,, which is jam-packed with recipes that are now world famous. Liana's recipes are most known for helping with weight loss, and they have also assisted people in healing themselves of conditions such as acne, cancer, diabetes, depression, and more. Liana is on a mission to help people transition from junk food to a healthy lifestyle using good tasting foods and natural alternatives to chemicals. Born and raised in Outback Australia, she is now based in New York City where she teaches raw food and cooking classes. Liana has fed thousands of people healthy good-tasting food and drinks and has even helped animals to improve their health through nutrition!

Love Liana! 
297 days to book launch! 

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