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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Theme park food

Today I declared a day off for me, and decided to go to Six Flags my favorite theme park in New Jersey. I love thrill rides and being around people who hold the intention of having a fun day! It's important we have a good balance of work, rest and pleasure. 

I started the day with organic cherries and the scent of stimulating lavender! 

Then I had a berry smoothie made with almond milk (recipe in my new book), strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, honey, maca, cacao and almond butter. 

On the drive to the theme park I saw this truck, for people in New York who want an organic lawn this is amazing! 

I got some snacks from Trader Joes including this Lara bar, Peanut Butter cookie. Do you love how this bar has just 3 ingredients: peanuts, dates and real salt. Super clean eating! 

A day off for me also consists of working haha because this is my purpose and mission and I love it! So I had some phone call meetings for the Earth Diet Marketing and preparing for the Cancer Summit and Detox Summit I am a speaker at online - you can register free at and 

Today I also brought this organic candy which is essentially a fruit roll up - this is a huge upgrade to candy! You can of course make your own by puréeing fruit and then dehydrating for 10 hours. I made sure to have snacks today so that I wouldn't crave the junk they sell at the theme park - unfortunately these places don't offer natural alternatives yet. 
Really enjoyed some of my favorite rides at six flags today! The smell of burgers at this theme park had me craving this for dinner so we left for Bare Burger in NJ a new organic burger restaurant! On the way we enjoyed some raw IAM affirmation chocolate made by Raw Chocolate Man. 

I am so blown away by Bare Burger! They already have 8 locations! Check out and check out their policy - this is so exciting to see such conscious healthy restaurants! 

Organic / All-natural / grass-fed / free range / hormone free / antibiotic free / humanely free / pesticide free / ammonia free / herbicide free / recycled / reclaimed / sustainable 

I also had a blueberry natural soda made with cane juice, water and blueberries! Incredible! 

Not the cleanest day of eating, some heavier foods in there so I will start the day tomorrow with a Green Juice!

98 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

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