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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Organic burger hunt on Long Island

Started the day with a glass of water and a chocolate almond butter cup. These chocolate cups are like a full meal because they are so fulfilling and also high in protein and antioxidants. 

Then I searched for some places on Long Island that make organic burgers. I found one called "The Burger Spot" in Garden City. They use organic free range meat, and also an upgrade to their cheese and bread by making sure it's more natural. Unfortunately they use Heinz ketchup that has corn syrup so I brought my own organic ketchup (new recipe in my book!).  I had sweet potato fries and also regular fries to go with it. I also had a green tea which helps with the digestion. And since green tea is high in antioxidants it helps to energize the body while we digest heavy foods like this. 

Then I had some organic gummi bears. Obviously these aren't the cleanest and a major upgrade would be if I had some straight up fruit. But I love the consistency and didn't have time to make my own natural candy, so this is what I chose. 

And then went for a walk around the neighborhood. And then stretched and did grounding in front of a fire pit in the evening. 

Then I wrote an action packed weekly email to the subscribers of Earth Diet website. I included a gift for everyone from the new book! :) You can subscribe on the website if your not already. 

For dinner I had a huge bowl of cherries to balance out the burger meal today, and to aid with digestion. 

And then later some green tea and raw chocolate to complete the evening. 

Good night, much love
100 days to book launch. 

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