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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Attending a NYC event and keeping it earth friendly!

Started today with a greens drink! Was not able to make a fresh one today so I used my travel companion Phresh Greens instead! Get 10% discount off yours at 

For breakfast I had jasmine tea with 2 pieces of organic spelt bread with organic peanut butter. 

For lunch I had this refreshing drink with mango pulp, sparkling water and lime juice. 

After some replying to emails, I had another tea and toast session, and then it was time for me to get ready for The Seed Experience event at Rockin' Raw restaurant lower manhattan. 

I got my hair done at NY Hair Co. Vegan and animal cruelty free salon upper west side! They also use organic products! Amazing! 

Then a Go Green Ride picked me up! 

Obviously very happy about my earth friendly ride!

Wearing toxic free organic make up of course! I love ADORN minerals made in Australia.

Had some snacks at Rockin' Raw. And also a margarita from Skinny Girl.

Now preparing for a solid nights sleep. 

Much love, 
91 days to book launch! 

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